//Speed Up Checkout 5 Times with Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extension

Speed Up Checkout 5 Times with Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extension

As you may know, checkout, in general, and Magento 2 One-step Checkout extension, particularly, is familiar, isn’t it? Let’s read this post to understand more about One-step Checkout and how it would affect the check out speed!

Checkout is indeed a final step of online payment in determining whether the business can seal a deal.

Yet, it is always going with too much-required information that needs to be fulfilled, causing customer annoyance.

Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extension is the solution for gathering all checkout steps in one page so that customers could both complete payment and shipping goods, and also ensure customer information secure.

Keep reading with us to figure out:

  • Definition of e-commerce checkout
  • What makes a sellable checkout page?
  • Top 5 Magento 2 Checkout Extensions (so-called Magento 2 One-page Checkout extensions)

Why Does A Slow Checkout Reduce Sale?


In e-commerce, checkout is the process when customers provide you with important information such as billing address, shipping, and payment to complete the shipment

In short, checkout is a make-or-break step in any online transaction.

So, how can a “break” checkout cost your business?

  • The checkout method is too complex by having to fill in personal information, the delivery address, the method of payment page by page, would make customers feel lazy to fill in and possibly skipping the product, causing loss of sales for suppliers.
  • A number of fake checkout sites also exist that make the delivery of billing information of consumers extremely dangerous than ever.

And, here comes a “make” checkout page:

  • Check out helps companies manipulate orders more easily by integrating the online sales system. The customer information shall be transferred to the database and processed by the sales department. All processes shall be closed and strictly tested.
  • Check out helps encourage the purchases of customers. Customers do not need to go directly to the store and just sit at home to make transactions easy as well as helps customers pay quickly and effortlessly.
  • Check out will help make product discount incredibly easy by helping customers insert the promotion code right on the online store and discounted directly into cash.

There are some functionalities that are user-friendly for Magento 2 checkout page as we would like to discuss below.

Main Features in Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extension

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Here are the most necessary features that a One-Step Checkout extension functions for:

  • Combine the 2-step checkout step of Magento default into one page only.
  • Support Google API to automatically detect customer positions.
  • Support Google Suggest to suggest and autocomplete customer shipping address when typing some letters in the box.
  • Update automatically information when there are changes in related data.
  • Support as many payment methods as possible.
  • Allow customers to edit their own orders right on the checkout page.
  • Show product information on the checkout page for more details.
  • Allow customers to select their own delivery dates and times to receive orders and leave comments.
  • Provide more convenient options for customers to customize their orders such as gift concerns, newsletter subscription and so on.
  • Display responsive checkout page in all devices.

In the next parts of this blog post, we will introduce to you the top 5 Magento 2 Checkout module which aims to address the shortcomings of a checkout page and maximize the strengths of the checkout process.

Benefits of One-Step Checkout for Magento 2

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It would be incomplete if your e-commerce website has no checkout option to improve the company’s revenue and avoid disappointed customers at the point of purchase.

Generally speaking, the Magento 2 checkout module has some of the following basic features:

  • Reduce failed order – it will record all orders, along with the details they submit, that customers have checked out but discarded, thereby, reduces the percentage of customers who have added to the cart but not actually ordered.
  • Control purchase – Help consumers monitor the number of items they placed in the cart, which will balance purchase financing.
  • Simplify 1 page of checkout steps – It will help to reduce the complicated checkout steps that appear inside a single tab, making customers not confused while continuously need to click the next step in the checkout process.

Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extensions – A Brief Comparison

Let us give an overview of the top 5 Magento 2 One-page Checkout Extension.


Checkout Suite

IWD Agency

  • CE: 2.0.x-2.1.x-2.2.x

  • EE: 2.0.x-2.1.x-2.2.x


Bolt Checkout


  • CE: 2.0.x-2.3.x

  • EE: 2.0.x-2.3.x



One Page Checkout

YapApp IndiaCE: 2.3.x$49

Smart One Step Checkout


  • CE: 2.1.x-2.2.x-2.3.x

  • EE: 2.1.x-2.2.x-2.3.x

  • ECE: 2.3.x



One Step Checkout ASCE: 2.1.x-2.2.x-2.3.x$570

Top 5 Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extensions

In this section, we will give you a detailed review of Magento 2 One-page Checkout extensions, free & paid options.

The 2 first reviews are free Magento 2 One-step Checkout extensions that you cannot overlook. Let’s get started!

#1. Checkout Suite by IWD Agency – FREE

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Try this free Magento 2 One-page Checkout Extension which will help develop the steps required to view the checkout process on a single page.

In addition, this Magento one-step checkout extension would allow the payment process to be more completely viewed on mobile devices such as desktops, tablets, or even smartphones.

Furthermore, this feature supports several payment options, which are outstanding as Paypal or COD.

Highlighted Features:

  • Optimized one-page checkout.
  • Auto-detect customer account.
  • Capturing payment information.

#2. Bolt Checkout by Bolt – FREE


Don’t miss out if you are looking for functionality to help prevent online payment fraud, this free Magento One-step Checkout extension is going to be a genuinely useful alternative.

With the payment method, IFrame Bolts, this one-step extension will place client payment details on your website and Bolt will take care of both the payment process and verify fraudulent payments.

One of the highlights, as well as the fact that customers believe that this extension will be trustworthy to use, is that fraudulent compensation will be covered by 100%.

This can also be found in Magento Checkout Extension.

Highlighted Features:

  • Single-click checkout for seamless repeat purchases.
  • Available for smartphones.
  • Zero fraud guarantee.
  • Dedicated account management.
  • Bank-level security

#3. One Page Checkout by YapApp India – $49


Click now if you are aiming for a device that summarizes all the steps of the checkout process, from the name, address, and method of payment on the same page of the receiver.

This Magento 2 Checkout Extension (Magento single-page checkout) by incorporating all checkout measures and showing them on a single page-checking address, delivery, and payment process.

This one-step checkout extension will edit the layout of your checkout page and make every checkout step accessible on the same page instead of the next page or next step by independent themes that vary from the themes of your site.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect UX with minimum checkout fields.
  • Popular payment systems supported.
  • Mobile optimized design for faster mobile checkout.
  • Option to apply coupon code at the checkout page.
  • Detailed order summary.

#4. Smart One Step Checkout by AheadWorks – $299


Do you always have to worry about mitigating the risk of checkout abandonment on your website?

This Magento 2 Checkout Extension will be a solution to help store owners keep the purchase site up to the standards of their clients and reduce the rate of fall-out checkout.

Do not ignore if you are seeking a solution to boost your solvency by evaluating the effectiveness of each checkout type and then see the full checkout failure picture with the performance reports received.

Highlighted Features:

  • One-page checkout.
  • Configure the checkout field.
  • Checkout performance report.
  • Quick order edit.
  • GeoIP detection and auto-suggestions.

#5. OneStepCheckout by One Step Check Out AS – $570


The OneStepCheckout is the most expensive extension in Magento 2 Checkout Extension and Magento Checkout Extension.

Click now for such a large cost, it will enable store owners to form the payment they want with the necessary development skills and resources.

Furthermore, it allows customers to view all of the delivery costs incurred during the checkout process, reducing the risk of customers abandoning payments.

Highlighted Features:

  • Checkout on a single page above the fold.
  • Responsive on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Auto-update prices and totals when changing the quantity, shipping/payment method.
  • Available payment methods are auto-updated when users choose the shipping method.
  • Auto-update available shipping rates when users choose country, zip code or region.


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To end this article, we would like to reiterate, currently, checkout is an essential feature of several business websites.

When you get a fast, simple decent-looking, customer-friendly checkout site that will quickly contribute to revenue on your website.

Magento 2 One-step Checkout Extension and Magento One-step Checkout Extension (Magento One-page Checkout extension) is the functionality that will help manage all steps of the checkout process in only a single page, which would lead to a decrease in the possibility of abandonment rate as well boost sales.

If you have any questions, or if you want us to review more about free Magento 2 One-step checkout extensions (free Magento one-step checkout), please feel free to leave a comment below.

Also, in case you’ve already had experiences in using Magento One-page checkout extension, or Magento single-page checkout, we would be glad if you can share your thoughts with us!

Thanks a lot for reading!