//Updated: 8 Best Magento 2 Barcode Extension Options You Should Never Skip
6 Magento 2 Barcode Extensions You Should Never Skip

Updated: 8 Best Magento 2 Barcode Extension Options You Should Never Skip

Running an eCommerce store is totally not an easy task to do, especially for a Magento 2 store with thousands. Fortunately, a number of Magento 2 Barcode extensions have been developed to improve the efficiency of managing products and their attributes as well as saving time during logistic processes and prevents human error.

Why Does Each of Your Online Products Need A Barcode?


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When you window-shop in any store, you notice a label with thin, black lines in it, as well as a variety of different numbers, don’t you? The word for this thing is called a barcode

Barcodes are used to read data and information based on the widths of those small black lines. In terms of its technical definition, it is a machine-readable form of information on a scannable, visual surface. 

The barcode can be read by using a special scanner. Then, the information is transmitted into a database where it can be logged and tracked. Barcodes are very supportive in maintaining accurate information about inventory, pricing, and other vital business-related data

Barcodes have also been used for online products so that the store owners can find it easier to manage sales volumes and carry out manual inventory processes. So, let’s start to discover the top 8 out of them that have been carefully selected below.

8 Magento 2 Barcode Extensions You May Fall For

The following extensions not only allow you to encode & centralize all products’ attributes, such as SKU, supplier, image, name, and prices, but also to create your own barcode labels.

In this article, we are making a list of 8 Magento 2 Barcode Extensions for any E-commerce stores. The list can be different from others, so let us know your favorite extensions in the comment section, and we’ll consider it before including it into our list.

To create the list, we took some aspects into account, namely the extensions’ highlighted features, the reviews and ratings in the product pages, the products’ prices and the providers’ policies, social ranking scores, and experts’ reviews.


Barcode Label for Magento 2

BoostmyshopMagento 2.2.x & 2.3€239 (Community)/ €478 (Enterprise)

Barcode Inventory for Magento 2

BoostmyshopMagento 2.2.x & 2.3$189 (Community)/ $378 (Enterprise)

Barcode Magento 2 Extension

Drcsystems-designMagento 2.1.0 - 2.1.3, 2.0.0 - 2.0.7 (except for the 2.0.3 version)$38

Product Barcode Label Generation

Ced CommerceMagento 2.1.x & 2.2.x$99 (Community)/ $199 (Enterprise)

Stock Barcode Scanner

WyomindMagento 2$90

Magento 2 Barcode Scanner

Magextensions.ioMagento 2.2.x€350

Magento 2 Barcode Generator

MeetanshiMagento 2.0.x - 2.3.x$99 (Community)/ $249 (Enterprise)

Magento 2 Barcode Generator

MagesalesMagento 2.2.x$79 (Community)/ $178 (Enterprise)

A summary of the 8 best barcode extensions for Magento 2 (constantly updated)

1. Barcode Label for Magento 2 by Boostmyshop


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The Barcode Label for Magento 2 extension from Boostmyshop is an ideal solution in case you are the manufacturer, or if barcodes for products are not provided by your suppliers. 

With this extension, you can create a barcode label number to any product in your Magento 2 store. These barcode numbers will then be automatically assigned to your products. 

Labels can be customized to fit the unique needs of your own business. The basic of this module purchase comes with 3-month free support.

Price: €239 (Community)/ €478 (Enterprise)

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x & 2.3

Highlighted features: 

  • Easily customize the layout of your barcode labels
  • Print labels to display prices
  • Generate barcode numbers for all of your products
  • Print barcode labels
  • Select the height and the width of the label
  • Add your company logo, or/and a barcode image

2. Barcode Inventory for Magento 2 by Boostmyshop


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Once your barcode labels are printed, you can then use the Barcode Inventory for Magento 2 of Boostmyshop to manage your inventory efficiently and securely. 

This magento 2 barcode extension is also developed by Boostmyshop to help you scan product barcodes and update inventory timely. Furthermore, 3-month free support, installation service, and online training course are available.

Price: $189 (Community)/ $378 (Enterprise)

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x & 2.3

Highlighted features:

  • Offers 3 configurations to update inventory: Increase/ Decrease/ or Manual
  • Enable to update product stock using a barcode scanner
  • Safely update inventory
  • Supports all types of barcode scanners
  • Provide a user-friendly interface

3. Barcode Magento 2 Extension by Drcsystems-design


With this extension, you are able to select the attributes of the product, namely SKU, names, prices, product images, company logos, and barcodes so that you can add barcodes and print labels to your products. 

The quality of the extension has been checked by Envato. Future updates will be available. Besides, within 6 months, you’ll get free assistance with reported bugs and issues and help with included 3rd party assets.

However, To make it to 12 months, an additional fee of $12.75 is required.

Price: $38

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.0 – 2.1.3, 2.0.0 – 2.0.7 (except for the 2.0.3 version)

Highlighted features: 

  • Support many file format(PDF, JPG, PNG)
  • Support two methods of barcode generation: Individual/ Mass
  • Allow generating multiple barcodes for each selected product
  • Select the barcode method to print barcode
  • Select attributes to generate barcodes
  • Customizable label size

4. Product Barcode Label Generation by Cedcommerce


This is another effective barcode extension to create product barcodes for managing inventory in your Magento 2 store. 

You can generate a barcode label for not only simple items, but also the virtual and downloadable types of products. Free installation service, free updates, and support are provided, so purchase it, and you should not be worried about any problems.

Price: $99 (Community)/ $199 (Enterprise)

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x & 2.2.x

Highlighted features: 

  • Add an ‘EAN’ named attribute for products
  • Support simple, virtual and downloadable type of products
  • Add company logos, product images, and other product attributes to Barcode Label
  • Customize the positions of barcode images, company logo, and other attributes
  • Generate up to 24 barcode labels for multiple products on a single page using mass action

5. Stock Barcode Scanner by Wyomind


The Stock Barcode Scanner extension by Wyomind not only helps you to better manage inventory but also allows you to keep a history of your stock transfers.

From these functions of this magento barcode extension, considerable time and effort are saved. 15 days money payback guarantee, 6 months free upgrade and support.

Price: $90

Compatibility: Magento 2

Highlighted features:

  • Add/Subtract stocks
  • Scan products or type their identifiers manually
  • Edit the number of items to be transferred
  • Manage your own transfer labels
  • Choose the products identifier from unique value attributes (ID, SKU, EAN…)
  • Track the stock transfers history

6. Magento 2 Barcode Scanner by Magextensions.io


The Magento 2 barcode scanner extension by Magextensions.io offers a lot of useful features which will help to optimize your store and perfectly control your shipment process.

You can customize it to meet all of your preferences so as to save time and improve efficiency.

However, the price of the extension may not be suitable for businesses with a low budget, so give it some thought before deciding.

Price: €350

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x

Highlighted features:

  • Perfectly control the shipment process with the Check Shipments option in magento barcode extension.
  • Easily link products to Magento using barcodes
  • Allow to import and export CSV files with all your products and the corresponding barcodes
  • Enable to customize sounds and scanning history
  • Enable barcode field focus and pre-shipment pdf
  • Enable to customize the position, height, and text of product barcodes, credit invoice, and shipment barcodes

7. Magento 2 Barcode Generator by Meetanshi


The extension allows for generating product barcode labels and printing them in PDF to improve inventory management and business efficiency. 

Magento 2 Barcode Generator supports up to 17 standards for the barcode label creation and automatically assign barcode numbers to products. Applying this extension helps you keep inventory in a better way and reduce manual inventory management.

Price: $99 (Community)/ $249 (Enterprise)

Compatibility: Magento 2.0.x – 2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Automatically generate and assign the barcode type product attributes
  • Specify the barcode print page width and height in pixels
  • Display the brand logo image in the barcode PDF
  • Display and print other product attributes in the barcode layout
  • Create and assign the selected barcode type to products
  • Preview the barcode label layout
  • Optimize product reception, picking, order preparation, and manage stock
  • Display prices for the customer and streamline check out

8. Magento 2 Barcode Generator by Magesales


As a fantastic tool for creating and printing Barcode labels for Magento 2 stores, Magento 2 Barcode Generator extension can automatically assign barcode numbers to the products and print customized labels as per your wish. 

In order to automatically assign the barcode when creating a new product, you need to configure the Magento attribute to store the barcode label and choose the format from a list of barcode standards, such as EAN13, UPC, CODE128, etc. 

The provider will give you free lifetime support and upgrades, so rest assured and make a purchase.

Price: $79 (Community)/ $178 (Enterprise)

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x

Highlighted features:

  • Generate Barcode for all the store products
  • Print the barcode labels
  • Generate barcode in bulk
  • Generate barcode for simple, virtual, and downloadable products.
  • Allows customizing the labels to include the product name, price, and company logo with the barcode
  • Easy configuration
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • 100% Open Source


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In conclusion, barcode extensions are very useful assistants to fasten your work, improve efficiency, and get the perfect control of your online stores. 

There are different features and functions among 8 Magento 2 Barcode Extensions on this list. Therefore, you should browse to each of these and try out their demo so as to make the best decision for your business. 

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