//Why Should You Choose BSSCommerce One Step Checkout For Your Store?

Why Should You Choose BSSCommerce One Step Checkout For Your Store?

The default of the Magento 2 Checkout page fails to help you solve the problem of lengthy checkouts, annoying your customers, and making them do not want to buy the stuff from your store anymore.

It makes you worry and does not know how to solve this problem? Fortunately, I’m having the best solution for you now!

You must check One Step Checkout from BSSCommerce to help your checkout page become faster, simpler, and more stable. It not only helps to improve your customers’ experience but also reduces the abandonment cart rate and increases your sales revenues.

Let’s go and discover BSSCommerce One Step Checkout now!

What’s One Step Checkout Page?

One Step Checkout Page is an eCommerce website design that the entire checkout process is completed by using one form on one page.

The customers do not need to go back and forth to fill in and check the information. This design helps the process become more comfortable and quicker. Moreover, it also saves the buyers’ time as much as possible due to a lot of convenient features.

The Necessary of One Step Checkout

#1. Save customers’ time

Customers always have to finish two steps in the Magento default checkout to complete their order, which takes a lot of time from them.

Moreover, the default of Magento checkout sometimes is not stable and easy to customize. Your customers can direct to 404 pages when trying to complete the form of order.

Luckily, with One Step Checkout, purchasers can complete their information at once on one page now.

Moreover, autocompleting shipping addresses is an outstanding feature to help your customers speed up the order process.

#2. Reduce abandonment cart and increase conversion rate

According to the latest research, 28% of customers do not want to order from an eCommerce website because of the long and complicated checkout process.


Therefore, installing a One Step Checkout extension will encourage customers to complete their order form without any hesitation and make them comfortable when shopping at your store!

As a result, your store can reduce the abandonment cart and increase your sales revenue! It’s so great, isn’t it!

#3. Easily to customize customers’ personal information

In the Magento default checkout page, there is no option for customers to write comments such as shipping time and date, messages for gifts, and more. It is very inconvenient for customers.


But, with the One Step Checkout extension, the buyers can control their order effectively. They can choose a suitable time and date delivery, write a message for the gift, or give notice for the stuff they ordered.

After reading all the advantages of One Step Checkout, are you ready to read the review of BSSCommerce One Step Checkout?

With a reasonable price, this extension’s the best checkout extension so far.

BSSCommerce One Page Checkout You Don’t Want to Miss

DEMO Frontend

DEMO Backend

Price: $99.00

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To make the default of the checkout page more attractive, the Magento 2 one step checkout extension by BSSCommerce combines all checkout steps on a single page. It’s crucial to speed up the order process and increase the rate of completing an order form.

By installing BssCommerce one step checkout, you can enhance the customers’ experience on the front-end of your store.

The one-page checkout of BSS is compatible with all devices, including mobile, laptop, and tablet, to prevent the loss of the databases.

Moreover, BSSCommerce one step checkout also has Google Suggestions and GEOIP detection to help automatically fill the customers’ addresses, making the procedures run smoothly.

Another feature I want to mention is that customers can edit the quantity of the product easily without returning to product pages. It makes the BSSCommerce one step checkout more amazing for you to install.

Let’s look through the details of the extension to know more about it!

Fronted store


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First of all, the front of the store is divided into three different checkout layouts as you see the picture above. Thus, your customer can easily complete the form that does not waste too much time on them.


BSSCommerce one step checkout offers top-notch functionality. Google suggestion and GEOIP allow your clients to speed up the checkout procedure with the help of smart suggestions.

A drop-down address suggestion is displayed after the customers start typing. Besides, the GEO IP tool provides to detect the location; therefore, the shipping address can be filled automatically.


In shipping methods, there is just one radio button, but the quantity will depend on the number of shipping methods you provide.

Moreover, BSSCommerce brings the shopping experience to an entirely new level by allowing your clients to specify a custom delivery interval. Besides, it lets customers purchase a gift wrap and add a gift message.

Besides, there are two fields where customers can choose the delivery time and date and write a note in the delivery comment box for sellers. It’s really convenient for customers.


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All available methods will be displayed. The Magento 2 checkout module of BSSCommerce allows customers to pay their orders in various ways, such as PAYPAL, Master Card, Visa, and more.

In addition, BSSCommerce one step checkout provides payment trusted badges which the admin can create and customize easily to display under the order summary or under the payment method. This will make the customers more assured when shopping at your shop.

You can also check the review of customers buying this extension from BSS Commerce.


Backend store


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The backend setting of Magento one step checkout extension is divided into 4 layouts, including shipping/payment method, check out customer field, customer attributes, and one step checkout.

First of all, it is the Pre-select Shipping/Payment layout. This default allows you to set the shipping and payment method.


In the payment method, there are various methods of payment for you to choose such as PAYPAL, Credit card, Cash on Delivery, and more.


As for the checkout tab, it is divided into 9 sections: General, Fields Display, Newsletter, Tracking Address by Google, Order Delivery Date, Gift Message, Gift Wrap, Addition Add-on, and Custom style.


The General Section allows you to enable/disable the module, to create an account on the checkout page, and edit the title name of the checkout page.

Besides, the field display and the Newsletter allow you to enable and disable to show the order comment, discount code, and subscribe newsletter.


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In the Tracking Address By Google, you can enable/disable GeoIP and Google suggestions as well as add the API Key. You can also choose the maximum of 5 countries to track the address of the specific countries.


In the order delivery, the gift message, and the gift wrap section will let you show the delivery date and the comment of the customers. It also allows enabling or disabling to write a note on the comment box. The gift wrap section lets you show whether customers need to wrap their gifts to send the other and set the fee.


In the custom style, you can set the checkout step number, background color, and customer’s code to help you manage the order of customers more flexibly.

In additional options, you can enable/disable the following features:

  • Customer Attributes.
  • Checkout Custom Field.
  • Reward Points.
  • Pre-Select Shipping/Payment.


In the layout of the sales, it has the payment method tab, where you can set the merchant country and choose the suitable method of payment.


It also suggests other methods such as Klarna, bank transfer payment, cash on delivery payment, and more.


In the Shipping method section, it allows you to set the flat rate or free shipping method, table rates to ship overseas or to specific countries.


Moreover, you can select the shipping method through FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, depending on what shipping brand you like.

The BSSCommerce one step checkout also allows you to check the order from customers on the backend. Therefore, you won’t miss any order forms of your clients.


Recent updates

Magento one step checkout v.2.1.7 (Mar 18, 2020)

  • Fix saving admin config issue on the catalog page.
  • Fix date picker error in Magento 2.3.4.

Magento one step checkout v.2.1.6 (Jan 14, 2020)

  • Fix create a new account issue.
  • Fix gift wrap API.
  • Fix shipping information issue when Show Method if Not Applicable is Yes.
  • Fix default title page issue.
  • Fix bug with Payment method Zero Subtotal Checkout = No.
  • Fix bug with Payment method Purchase Order.
  • Fix bug with Payment method Credit Card (Braintree)

Magento one step checkout v.2.1.5 (Nov 27, 2019)

  • Fix not saving order comment.
  • Fix validation issue when using PayPal in context.
  • Fix order delivery date time issue.
  • Change the ajax method type from PUT to POST.

Magento one step checkout v.2.1.4 (Oct 03, 2019)

  • Fix the wrong class name.


This is all about the BSSCommerce one step checkout review. This extension is reliable and easy to use. It dramatically improves the Magento default checkout, providing admin both admins and customers the most friendly way to experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll 24/7 help you!

Thank you for reading!