//TOP 5 Magento Marketplace Extension That You Don’t Wanna Miss!

TOP 5 Magento Marketplace Extension That You Don’t Wanna Miss!

It is true that the branded marketplace benefits not only sellers but also store owners. Magento sellers are able to take advantage of the Reputation of Owner’s store Welcoming other vendors to a store enhances the product variety as well as the quality of products, thus the Magento Marketplace Extension is increasing the sales conversions for the store owner.

Multi-Vendor Magento 2 Marketplace extension, which is enriched with some inbuilt extensions, has been developed to help you turn your site into a famous marketplace like Amazon, eBay, … in just one second.

In this article, we, Magexts team, have selected five Magento Marketplace modules that are currently most well-known in the market. The candidates are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Social ranking
  • Product features
  • Product price and support policy
  • Expert valuation

The Magento marketplace plugin premium is here to serve. Let’s go and check with us!

Top 5 Most Well-know Magento Marketplace Extensions

1. Marketplace Multi Vendor Module For Magento 2 by Webkul

The first Magento marketplace module that we want to mention is the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension by Webkul. It helps to convert a Magento 2 Store into an online marketplace that supports multiple sellers from a separate portal. From this extension, the suppliers/sellers can manage their store inventory, shipments, Seller Profile page, Seller Collection page, and so on.

Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

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The main features of Webkul Magento Marketplace extension are:

  • Admin moderation: Inventory Setting
  • Flexible commission rate and review for each seller
  • Support all product types
  • Notification of product, order, and seller /vendor (mail template is available)
  • Customize sellers’ profiles, rewrite URLs,…
  • Create custom transactional emails from the back-end.
  • Vendor order details / history, review(s) rating & invoice management
  • Interactive dashboard in each vendor panel
  • Multiple vendor product(s) checkout at once
  • Set different commission prices for different sellers

About the price, the Webkul Marketplace Multi-Vendor module costs $349 for the community edition and another $349 for the enterprise/enterprise cloud edition. Including in the price is three months of free support and lifetime free updates for the extension.

2. Magento Marketplace Extension by Land of Coder

The second Magento module marketplace provider is Landofcoder. This module gives vendors/ sellers powerful managerial ability to put their website in top position.

Main functions of the Magento 2 Marketplace module by Landofcoder:

  • High speed responsive & mobile-optimized marketplace
  • Create unlimited sellers with smart storefront
  • Custom beautiful seller profile
  • Be compatible with any Magento 2 themes
  • Build auto marketplace
  • Amazing user experience with seller Cpanel
  • Flexible commission
  • Multiple gateways & multilingual
  • Auto/or manually approve seller
  • Multiple vendor product(s) checkout at once
  • Unlimited product and transaction management
  • Quickly manage real-time orders and other statistics
Magento 2 Extension Marketplace Of Landofcoder

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Concerning the price, Landofcoder offers four different prices for four different licenses, ranging from $399 to $1,398. 12 months of free support are included and Magento Marketplace Extension free download.

3. Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension by Apptha

Apptha is also a leading multi-vendor marketplace solution provider for Magento 2 store owners. They provide almost the same functionalities as Webkul and other extra features.

Magento 2 Marketplace

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Highlight features of Apptha Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

  • Provide exclusive dashboards
  • Support Simple, Downloadable, Configurable, Virtual product types
  • Create sellers’ exclusive profiles
  • Set different commission rates for different vendors
  • Customizable attributes
  • Real-time notifications, insights on sales, average order values, …
  • Convenient order management
  • One page checkout
  • Responsive design with the fluidic theme
  • SEO friendly

In terms of price, the Multi-Vendor Marketplace module by Apptha costs $999. Although it is quite costly, it offers more functions than the one by Webkul and Landofcoder. The free support duration is also 3 months like the first candidate on this list.

4. Advance Magento Marketplace Extension by CedCommerce

Magento 2 Marketplace Module
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CedCommerce Advance Magento 2 Marketplace is an all-in-one package with a wide range of features that help to recondition your online store to eCommerce business. With this CedCommerce extension, you can use a variety of MarketPlace add-ons to build shop specific requirements.

Key features of Advance Marketplace Extension by CedCommerce

  • Advanced order and transaction management
  • Support all types of Magento product
  • Miscellaneous commission rates
  • Enable numerous shipping methods
  • Allow to login via social sites
  • Custom vendor attributes
  • Incentive referral and manageable customer wallet
  • Responsive vendor panel with RTL support
  • Search engine optimization
  • Enable membership facility for vendor
  • Multiple shipping and payment integration

In the price factor, CedCommerce sells its Multi-Vendor extension for $2,400, regardless of edition type. A lifetime free support and updates are provided with no installation fee.

5. Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension For Magento 2 by Creative Minds

Last but not least, CreativeMinds Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension is also a smart choice to allow multiple sellers to sell products and manage orders on your Magento 2 store. With this module, vendors have their own portals and a unique dashboard, showing all their products and orders.

The powerful features of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension by CreativeMinds includes membership options, shipping management, vendors scheduled payments, separate vendor registration page, and more.

  • Multiple Sellers customizable Merchant Profile
  • Bulk Product Upload by CSV files
  • Advanced tracking using a unique tracking code for each order
  • DropShipping – Ability for suppliers to manage shipping methods and costs
  • Transparency – Customers can add products reviews and supplier ratings
  • Detailed Reports – Real-time sales, revenue, and more, with many filtering options
  • Commission rates for each specific vendor
  • Multiple products notifications and alerts for approving products
  • PayPal Integration– automatically or manually.
  • Vendors Subscriptions
  • Multiple seller shipping methods
  • Mobile Responsive

About the price, CreativeMinds offer its Magento 2 extension marketplace extension at $399 the community edition and $499 more for the enterprise version.

The price is applied to one live and 2 test Magento hosts of the store. Included in the purchase is 12-month free support, marketplace Magento extension free download, and a lifetime update for the module.


Those are the 5 most famous Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Extensions that we have selected. We introduce to you a Magento marketplace extension free download, Magento marketplace module, Magento marketplace plugin, Magento 2 marketplace extension, and more.

As it always is, each solution provider has their own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is your store’s characteristics and financial condition that determine which one is the best Magento Marketplace Extension for your own store.

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