//Build-up a Loyalty Program for Your Magento 2 Store with 4 Great Reward Points Extensions

Build-up a Loyalty Program for Your Magento 2 Store with 4 Great Reward Points Extensions

Magento 2 Reward Points is definitely your true decision ever to increase customer loyalty to your business. However, Magento 2 default does not support that kind of feature for you to implement the reward program.

With the awareness of that limitation, Magento 2 providers have launched various Magento 2 Reward Point extensions to help to overcome that issue. In this topic, we would like to show you detailed analysis and reviews about top 4 Magento 2 Reward Points extensions.

This article reveals 4 best Magento 2 extensions for Reward Points which are carefully selected among many others on the market. These modules are hand-picked by Magexts team based on the following criteria:

  • Extension function
  • Ranking
  • Provider’s reputation
  • Rating and reviews

#1. Magento 2 Reward Points Extension by Magestore



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Magento 2 Reward Point extension by Magestore is quite useful for you to create a favour incentive program calling for customers loyalty and encourage your customers experiences in your Magento 2 store.

With this extension, customers are able to earn points after purchasing at your Magento 2 store. Parallel with this action, admin can freely set up the requirements for customers to get points when they place an order by changing Money Spent For Orders and Earning Point(s).

Besides, clients can decide the number of points they want to spend on the shopping cart and checkout pages as well as admin can set the rates which customers change their cumulative points for discounts. Absolutely, customers are enabled to check their current point balance displayed in the upper-right corner, below their account name or in My Rewards page.

Also, when using this extension, admin is allowed to flexibly adjust customers points from customer’s balances per their convenient. Furthermore, the extension allows admin to create orders which inform of using customer reward points in various ways such as entering numbers in a blank box, ticking the box with points or pulling slider.

Main features of Magento 2 Reward Point extension by Magestore:

  • Earn Point Configuration
  • Spend Points Configuration
  • Import/Export Points
  • Reward Points Balance Management
  • Refund by Points

Review: Magento 2 Reward Points extension takes at the first ranking among many extensions for reward points. In general, it is an excellent extension. $99 is a reasonable price for free support and install. Moreover, you can purchase this extension at 50% price-off with NO support.

#2. Magento 2 Reward Points by Mageplaza


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Magento 2 Reward Point by Mageplaza is a great loyalty system created to promote the customer interaction on your Magento 2 store by allowing them to earn and spend unlimited reward points.

Clients also can flexibly use the points they earn as payment method as they want. There are many ways to earn points such as signing up, buying products, sharing via any social channel, review and rating, etc.

For the points configuration, admin is provided a simple but powerful configuration. Moreover, Magento 2 Reward Points extension by Mageplaza brings you reward points reports. So, through Report Plugin, you can check the effectiveness of the loyalty program in details. Also, Import/Export Points are available into CSV file as well.

Fundamental features of Magento 2 Reward Points by Mageplaza:

  • Customizable module to set earning or spending rules.
  • Reward points through a variety of customers interactions.
  • Allow using reward points as a payment method.
  • Bring new traffic to Magento 2 store by reward points.
  • Check loyalty program through advanced report

Review: Great extension with many outstanding features, 30-day money back, lifetime update and 1-year support. However, the price of the module $199 is pretty expensive when comparing to the module by Magestore.

#3. Magento 2 Reward Points for by Amasty


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Magento 2 Reward Point by Amasty was launched with an aim to thank customers for purchasing at your Magento 2 store as well as showing advantageous reactions by giving them reward points.

Besides, the module helps to encourage customers to experience more at your Magento 2 site by making them feel beneficial from purchasing at your store.

There are five types of reward points you can use like order completed, for every $X spent, registration, newsletter subscription, customer birthday and reward rules conditions. In the backend, admin is able to control customers’ points, manually add or remove points, set points to store’s currency exchange rate.

Outstanding features of Magento 2 Reward Points by Amasty:

  • Reward users for purchases, registration, etc.
  • Manually add or reduce reward points.
  • Able to pay for orders with points as currency.
  • Set points exchange rate.
  • Configure actions from the backend easily.

Review: The module brings many effective reward campaigns to enhance the customers’ loyalty. It is quite easy to install and configure. The price of the module is $249 including 60-day money back, free lifetime updates and 90-day free support.

#4. Magento 2 Reward Points by Mirasvit


Like three Magento 2 extensions above, mirasvit reward points magento 2 helps you to gain customers loyalty and boost sale by giving them reward points. Of course, mirasvit reward points magento 2 is a whole-life program which will remain with your Magento 2 store as long as you still need it to run your site.

Also, the amazing following features are able to give you the power to make your customers interested in your services as well.

  • Clear and intuitive customer interface.
  • Social activity rewards.
  • Spend and earn reward point at once.
  • Comprehensive earning rules.
  • Advance events and conditions for behavior earning rules.
  • Create and manage spending rules easily.
  • Clear call to action notification rules.
  • Manage sales and promotions easily.
  • Simple configuration.

Review: The module reasonably costs $149 combined with full services when installing. Also, it is quite popular and installed by a large number of Magento 2 store owners.


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In short, here are 4 great Magento 2 Reward Points extensions we want to share. In case you want to submit your list of the Reward Points extensions or suggest removing an item from the list, please feel free to contact us. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to Magetext for more helpful extension review articles.