//6 Quality Store Credit Extensions for Magento 2 You Should Know

6 Quality Store Credit Extensions for Magento 2 You Should Know

Attracting customers is very important but keeping them staying longer on your website or earn their loyalty seems more difficult. In this article, we will show you top 6 quality magento 2 store credit.

Magexts team carefully chose 6 amazing Store Credit extensions among many excellent extensions based on these following criteria:

  • Extension features
  • Raking
  • The vendor’s reputation
  • Rating reviews
  • Price

Does Default Magento 2 Support Store Credit Feature?

The answer is yes. However, you can only find this function in Magento 2 Enterprise Edition. With Store Credit extension, even if you use the Community edition, you are able to improve your clients’ payment experience and earn customer loyalty.

6 Quality Store Credit extensions for Magento 2 You Should Know

#1. MAGENTO 2 STORE CREDIT by BSSCommerce – $79


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Main functions of BSS Store Credit extension:

  • Insert store credit into any customer account
  • Allow clients to use their store credit for purchases on shopping cart and checkout page
  • Refund to store credit when creating credit memo
  • Allow purchasers to spend credit on tax and shipping
  • Buyers can check and view credit balance
  • Send alert emails to customers in case store credit is updated
  • Be able to view store credit transaction report in details.

Review: In general, the price of $79 for this extension is affordable for customers and it is also a good extension with must-have features of a magento 2 store credit module.

In addition, BSS supports free installation and free update for the ones who buy their products.

#2. MAGENTO 2 STORE CREDIT by Exto.io – $49


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Highlighted features of Exto magento 2 store credit extension:

  • Admin can control customer balance: add/subtract any store credit amount for your customers
  • Admin can create new order with full or partial payment by store credit
  • Record balance change history
  • Support store credit products for customers
  • The amount of store credit used is presented in order information
  • Admin can issue refunds by store balance

Review: It can be seen that this extension provides necessary functions of a Store Credit extension and it is quite cheap with the price of $49 for the Community Edition.

#3. STORE CREDIT by Aheadworks – $79


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Fundamental features of Aheadworks Store Credit extension:

  • The orders can be refunded to store credit
  • Admin can fully manage customer’s credit balance
  • Permit buyers to spend credit on subtotal, tax and shipping
  • Credit filters for quick transaction search and identification
  • Send notification email of any credit balance updates
  • Clients can track credit balance movements
  • Support credit reminder at the top of the store

Review: This extension supplies all necessary functions of the Magento store credit extension.

The price for the Community Edition is $79 whereas the price for the enterprise edition is $349. You also have to pay $55 if requiring installation service.

#4. STORE CREDIT by Magestore – $99


Key features of Magestore magento 2 store credit extension:

  • Admin can add or subtract a credit value
  • Refund through store credit
  • 3 types of display credit values: Fixed Value, Range of Values, Drop-down Values
  • Allow clients to buy product by store credit or share with friends
  • Customers can check balance and their transaction history
  • Admin can easily manage statistics reports of store credit
  • Notification emails when updating balance or sending credit

Review: This extension is adequate for store owners who need to enhance the payment process of their customers.

The price of $99 is acceptable due to many useful features which this extension supplies. Moreover, if you demand the enterprise edition, it costs you $199.

#5. STORE CREDIT & REFUND by Mirasvit – $149


Highlighted functions of Mirasvit Store Credit & Refund extension:

  • Customers can check credit transaction history
  • Use store credit for purchases (including tax and shipping fees)
  • Admin can fully control credits
  • Permit clients to send credits to friends
  • Refund credits in the credit memo
  • Allow customers to add funds to their store credit account
  • Email notifications about credit balance changing
  • View customer balance and transactions of each customer

Review: This extension is known as an effective solution for store owners in improving customer experience in the store.

However, the price of $149 for the community edition and $448 for the enterprise edition seems expensive. In addition, Mirasvit requires you to pay more $49 if you need installation service.

#6. STORE CREDIT AND REFUND by Magearray – $249


Main features of Magearray Store Credit and Refund extension:

  • Easily manage customer credit balance from admin panel, add or subtract credit
  • Clients can choose to apply credit or not
  • Credit can be removed from checkout page and shopping cart
  • Buyers can view credit history from my account section
  • Admin can change credit label
  • Send alert emails to customer when store credit is update

Review: Compared to other Magento store credit extensions, the price of $249 for this extension is expensive. With this price, we expect that this extension should have more innovative functions.

Moreover, although Magearray supplies lifetime free update and free support, you have to pay $50 if requiring installation service.

The final verdict

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We have given you reviews about top 6 quality Magento 2 Store Credit extensions. We hope that you can choose the appropriate extension for your store based on our assessment mentioned above.

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