//You Should Pay Attention in These Magento 2 Product Page Navigation Extensions

You Should Pay Attention in These Magento 2 Product Page Navigation Extensions

The Magento product navigation helps customers to navigate through products without the need to come back to catalog page. When using default, we think some of you may feel a little bit inconvenient with a few limited functions of this platform.

So, in this article, we will reveal you top 2 great product page next previous extensions, Magento 2 Previous/Next Product Page and Previous Next Product Navigation  Extension below to help you make an easy decision about extension for product page.

#1. Improve Product Page with Magento 2 Previous/Next Product Page Extension by BSSCommerce



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With Magento 2 Previous/Next Product Page Extension, customers now can totally navigate next/previous product pages within the same category conveniently by click on next or previous button to browse other products.

They also can detect which one is the next or previous with thumbnail image of product on popup when hovering on Previous/Next buttons. For admins, this extension is very simple and easy to use. Admins are able to configure to show thumbnail image of product on popup when hovering on Previous/Next buttons or not.

Moreover, feeling free to set thumbnail image height and width is totally true. An interesting function of this module is that they can arrange the order of appearance of each product by product name, position, price or current default sort order just the way they want.

Besides, text and color of buttons totally can be changed as wish and the position to show buttons are absolutely decided by admins. One more special feature is that this product page navigation extension is responsive with not only your computer but your cell phone as well. In addition, Magento 2 Previous/Next Product Page Extension only costs $49, quite worth and advisable. If you need more, try to review some others.

According to all of these features above, you can see that running this extension will give more advantages for your store than usual such as bringing more convenience for your customers, increasing their engagement and boosting your conversion rate and saving time for customers by allowing your online customers to navigate and flip through products. Hence, the number of customers visiting and buying your goods will increase more and more.

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#2. Get More Effective with Previous Next Product Navigation – Extention for Magento 2 by Solwininfotech

magento2- next-product-navigation

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Like Previous/Next Product Page Extension by BSSCommerce, magento product navigation by Solwininfotech is created to give customers ability to view all products in your store from only one page without an intermediate step that is coming back to catalog page to view other products.

This product page navigation extension also allows admins to configure different options from the backend easily. As far as we study, Previous Next Product Navigation has eight main features that we will list you now.

Firstly, it is making navigation between product pages much more user-friendly and easy by allowing customers navigate product pages just by available button.

Secondly, admin can set attractive images comes out with previous/next buttons in the frontend. From admin side, they can set thumbnail image size as wish and link product page of each product with its thumbnail below previous and next buttons. Moreover, admin is enabled to add a link on product page to get back on category page.

In the admin side, you can choose available layout to set for text and color of buttons. Additionally, products sort can be arranged by price or by name in ascending or descending order depending on the way store owner wants.

The last feature we want to mention is well integrating with your custom designed themes. In order to add to cart magento product navigation extension, you have to pay $79 instead of $49 like price of Previous/Next Product Page Extension by BSSCommerce above.

#3. The Comparison Between Previous/Next Product Page Extension and Magento 2 Previous Next Product Navigation Extension

In comparison between two product page extensions upon, both of them offer quite similar functions, especially aim to give customers ability to navigate product page within the same category conveniently.

Actually, when we concentrate on what they offer, magento product navigation has one more function than Magento 2 Previous/Next Product Page Extension. That is link with thumbnail on popup, but Previous Next Product Navigation only offers layout to show text and color of buttons, whereas, with Previous/Next Product Page Extension, admin can freely change as wish.

The lack of function of Magento product page extension by BSSCommerce comparing to Previous Next Product Navigation may not a big deal. Because, in our opinion, it seems like unnecessary when you can totally direct right to another product page via navigation buttons.

One can say that, two extensions we mention here are not inferior each other, but there is a little bit different in price, Previous/Next Product Page Extension only costs $49 while price of Previous Next Product Navigation is quite higher with $79.


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Here are two outstanding extensions for product page that we found and want to recommend you to own. In the whole, as you can see, both Magento 2 Previous/Next Product Page and Previous/Next Product Navigation – Extension have similar features and aim to bring customers the best service when shopping in your store.

Hope that you can make an optimal decision for choosing which module will be installed for your store. Contact us to submit your extension to our list. If you find it helpful for you, please Like, Share, and Subscribe to keep updating for next article.