//Magento 2 Backup Extension: Every Online Merchant Should Know

Magento 2 Backup Extension: Every Online Merchant Should Know

One of the most important things when running your business, that you have a backup cloud to restore your data in case of being erased by mistake. It is the reason why eCommerce store leader Magento 2 created the Magento 2 Backup extension to protect and send back your database in place.

This extension gives you the capability to keep backup file systems, databases, and media files. However, the defect of the Backup extension that some files are a failure, damage or cyber-attacks.

But, you still need this cloud power technology because it is safe for your eCommerce store.


2 Methods To Set Up Magento 2 Backup Extensions

Magento 2 Backup Extension is the most reliable and safe to recover from any multiple file crashes or hacking incidents and gets back online with your store and experience quickly.

It is designed to install easily; moreover, it allows you to define your backup plan and sees it all happen automatically on the cloud files you have chosen follow to the schedule you set.

Via Command Line

You can switch to the Magento Backup Extension owner and use a backup command code.

Via Admin Panel

In the first step, log in to the Magento server for permission to write to the Magento file system.

Next, select the backup type you want to use:

  • System backup: It allows you to roll back the database and the file system that you need to restore. It even permits you to back up the media files.
  • Database and Media Backup: Restore all media files that are erased by mistake.
  • Database Backup: Only roll back the database.

Finally, check the process whether it runs smoothly or not. When the box says “The backup is complete.” it means you are successful in setting up Magento 2 backup extension.

5 Best Magento 2 Backup Extension Reviews

You can start with the FREE Backup System. But, when your requirements grow, you can easily upgrade to a plan that best fits your needs with SUITABLE PRICING.

#1. Fastly CDN by Fastly Inc – FREE



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Fastly can remove old content automatically to ensure your customers always the most updated information. 

From that, it enhances the experience of buying, which correlates to increases in conversion rate and average order value.

More from that, this Backup Extension is FREE to use.

Feature lists

  • A standard of a website that allows our caches to combine cacheable and uncacheable content.
  • Automatically the location of the shopper by detecting their geo-IP or accept-language.
  • All your store’s content is instantly updated, according to stock availability and other factors.

#2. Cloudinary Image & Video Management by Cloudinary – FREE


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Using simple control, this magento 2 backup extension is able to edit and optimize images to suit the viewing requirements of every user.

Moreover, Cloudinary Image & Video Management is FREE to use.

Feature lists

  • Upload Once, Deliver Anywhere.
  • Optimize Store Performance.
  • Store Assets Anywhere.
  • Deliver Media Assets Through Multiple CDNs.



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Any online shop running its business can face a certain amount of risk such as being hacked, losing the database. What is the solution to this danger? S3 Cloud Backup is the best choice for you.

When this module runs your backup installation, it automatically copies all your databases; from that, you can recover the shop’s catalog, orders, and customer data.

Feature lists

  • Backup code, media, and DB to Amazon S3 Cloud.
  • Configure your S3 bucket credentials in a single file.
  • Execute a single command to backup your shop to the Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Easy to use.

#4. Magento 2 Database Backup– $99.00



Backup Extension Database ensures to roll back your files automatically and upload them to cloud storage bases on your choices.

This is to save your website space and is useful to restore in case your server goes down.

Feature lists

  • Decide what cloud storages depends on your decision.
  • There is support for several different languages.
  • Automatically backups.

#5. Backup to Dropbox by Mageside – $69.00


Everyone knows the importance of regular backup. The Mageside Dropbox Backup creates different types of backups and sends them automatically to your Dropbox account.

You also can schedule the occasional to backup your data (daily, weekly or monthly) and the time of day the backup should be created.

Feature lists

  • Manage the backup frequency and Start time.
  • Keep Your Store Information Double Safe.
  • Automatic backups will periodically be created without outside participation.
  • E-mail notification for configuration changes, backup creation and start times.


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Magento 2 Backup Extension has the power to help you restore all your database in case your eCommerce store is hacked, erased all customers’ order data, and media files.

With Magento Backup Extention, you will feel safe and secure to run your business.

If you need any helps from us, please, don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting below. We are always 24/7 to support you.