//Stay Proactive in E-Commerce With Magento 2 Order Edit Extension

Stay Proactive in E-Commerce With Magento 2 Order Edit Extension

The fast shipping in e-commerce currently has become extremely important and visible for companies in branding.

However, fast delivery is not enough for customers.

Just try to think like a customer, if there were any distribution problems, such as a location change, would the fast delivery really work efficiency?

Magento 2 Order Edit Extension is designed to deliver goods flexibly between the manufacturers and customers then making shipping more convenient than ever before.

Issues Relating to The Delivery In E-commerce


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Recently, the distribution of goods is also becoming an industry that is gaining a great deal of attention because of the growing buying and selling power of e-commerce.

But, as this enterprise is exceptional, it still has some challenges, along with:

  • Delivery charges – The delivery fee is too high, which will make a barrier to customers because they will typically expect to be free of that expense. Thus, it’s never easy to build a distribution fee policy.
  • Delayed distribution – In the event of natural disasters, transport conditions may also delay shipment to clients compared to reality. This consequently could lead to a loss of customer credibility.
  • Return order back The fact that too many orders are returned because during delivery leads to the return of the defective product, which also causes a serious problem when the revenue is not generated but the shipping costs are doubled.

What is Order Edit and How It Is Important in Shipping?


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Simply put, this is a feature that customer can automatically adjust the order information that is being made, including:

  • Add/Cut-out a stop
  • Change shipping information (delivery address-telephone number/receiver name)

Order Edit will create happiness for customers and a range of other utilities, including:

  • The Proactive – when there are arising problems in the delivery process, customers still can take the initiative of flexible shipping and delivery times and locations, avoiding problems for both distributors and customers.
  • Surcharges are flexible As well as changing the location, distribution path, freight charges will be changed automatically, which correlates to the distance the shipper has transported that help customer manages their budgets correctly.

2 Magento 2 Order Edit Extensions

#1. Order Edit by FME – $99


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This is the cheapest feature in Magento 2 Order Edit Extension with lots of 5-stars rated.

It allows you to edit specifics of the order without impacting its standing. Instead of canceling orders, now with this feature, you can completely modify the order contents without affecting the order process.

*Highlighted Features: 

  • Easy to manage orders.
  • Reduce order cancellations.
  • Ensure the accuracy of data.

#2. Order Edit by Mageworx – $149


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This is another feature in Magento 2 Order Edit Extension with a little bit of expensive but still gains lots of fantastic recommendations from customers.

With this feature, it will help quickly uploads any order data and cleverly manages any order details without reserve the order.

You may also consider this function in Magento Order Edit Extension.

*Highlighted Features:

  • Free updates.
  • Free supports.
  • 60-days money back.


In summary, we want to outline a few of the main ideas, order edit is really just a tool to help more efficiently manage customer orders, as well as help, lead to branding.

There is the above information about kinds of Magento 2 Order Edit Extension and Magento Order Edit Extension that might valuable for your goals and purpose.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!