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Top 5 Amazing Subscription and Recurring Payments for Magento 2

Many online store owners want to enhance sales by providing their clients with subscription billing and subscription options for products. Among dedicated extensions for Magento 2, Subscription and Recurring Payments can be a good choice to help you customize subscription as well as manage ecommerce recurring payments. This article today will show you top 5 amazing Subscription and Recurring Payments extensions for Magento 2.

BSSCommerce team manually selected and arranged 6 out of many excellent Subscription and Recurring Payments extensions to give reviews based on these following factors:

  • Functions of the extension
  • The vendor’s reputation
  • Rating
  • Price

Does Default Magento 2 Support Subscription and Recurring Payments?

Default Magento 2 provides subscription options but it has many limitations. You can only configure sender or template of confirmation email, success email, unsubscription email or choose whether allowing guest subscription or not. However, with Subscription and Recurring Payments extension, not only can you easily create adjustable subscription plans but you are also able to control recurring payments.

Top 5 Subscription and Recurring Payments Extensions You Should Know

1. Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Billing by Exto.io – $149

Main features of Subscriptions and Recurring Billing extension:

  • Customizable dashboard allows users to access to key parameters
  • Navigate to the subscription templates, product catalog, and recurring profiles directly from the dashboard
  • View the subscriptions value for a specific time period, or a grand total to the current date
  • Manage subscription details via a completely intuitive profile view page
  • Support smart subscription templates
  • Simultaneous subscription & non-subscriptions purchases
  • Compatible with PayPal recurring payments
  • Provide failure-proof recurring payments
  • Seamlessly integrate with a product page
  • Configure product purchasing options

Review: This extension supplies users with many necessary functions of the Subscription and Recurring Payments extension. Compared to other extensions, the price is quite cheap with $149 for the community edition and $299 for the enterprise edition.

2. Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Payments by Magenest – $249

Highlighted functions of Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension:

  • Turn a product into a subscription product
  • Set billing cycles to x days, weeks, or months
  • Customize unlimited number of subscription templates (plans)
  • Set a name, a period unit, a billing frequency, an initial fee, maximum number of billing cycles for your plan
  • Create trial plans
  • Send emails to customers when they subscribe to a new plan, pay for the subscription charge, cancel the subscription or suspend the subscription (Paypal Only)
  • Support simple products, virtual products, and downloadable products
  • Clients can retry their payment or automatically cancel subscription on payment failure
  • Control subscription profiles
  • Support Paypal and Authorize.net payment gateway

Review: It is clear that this extension can provide useful features that the Subscription and Recurring Payments extension must have. The price of the community edition is reasonable with $249 whereas the enterprise edition costs you $649. Moreover, you have to pay $50 if you require installation service.

Subscription and Recurring Payments extension by Magenest

3. Magento 2 Subscription & Recurring Payments by Aheadworks – $499

Characteristics of Subscription & Recurring Payments extension:

  • Add an option to purchase any product as a subscription
  • Supply recurring payments with Authorize.Net, Stripe, Adyen and PayPal Express checkouts
  • Provide trial period with special price
  • Multistore support and initial fee setting
  • Monitor every subscription, all associated orders and customer information through admin subscription grid
  • Insert subscription option to multiple products at once in a couple of clicks
  • Supports all product types but for grouped and gift cards
  • Payments can be charged daily, weekly, every X time interval

Review: In general, this is an effective Subscription and Recurring Payments extension. It seems convenient because this extension is compatible with all product types and supports multistore with different languages. The price including installation is $499 for the community edition and $1499 for the enterprise edition.

Subscription and Recurring Payments extension by Aheadworks

4. Magento 2 Subscribe Now by MageDelight – $584

Specific features of Subscribe Now extension:

  • Support all types of product
  • Create and manage customer subscription from backend
  • Support failed transaction alert
  • 8 Various payment gateways: Authorize.net, First data, Stripe, Cyber Source, Braintree and more
  • Customize maximum allowed order quantity, order cycle, initial fee for product subscription
  • Configure subscription tenure or leave up to customer to decide the tenure of subscription
  • Set subscription start date, product subscription price (special price), trial period, trial period no. of occurrence, trial period price
  • Allow maximum times fail subscription configuration, one time purchase or life time/limited period subscription
  • Support email template for order, cancellation request, expired subscription
  • Subscription profile updation email notification
  • Analytics & report designed specifically
  • Clients can purchase regular products and subscription products together
  • Store multiple credit card information and save multiple billing & shipping address

Review: This extension owns not only must-have features but also other quality functions of the Subscription extension. Subscribe Now supports more payment gateways than any other extension in the list. Regarding the price, it is quite expensive when the community edition costs you $584 and the enterprise edition is $1234. In case you need installation service, you have to pay more $99.

Subscription and Recurring Payments extension by MageDelight

5. Magento 2 Adaptive Subscriptions by ParadoxLabs – $699

Highlighted functions of Adaptive Subscriptions extension:

  • Choose whether to purchase as a subscription or not
  • Customize subscription frequency
  • Clients can purchase any number of subscriptions and non-subscription items at the same time
  • Make subscriptions a defined length or indefinite
  • Give customers a price discount for buying items with a subscription
  • Customers can view the status of their own subscriptions, update billing or shipping information themselves
  • Support simple, virtual, configurable, and downloadable products
  • Allow all shipping methods
  • Alter the next billing date and the frequency of each subscription from the admin panel

Review: This is a good extension but features it supports does not deserve its expensive price $699. In addition, you also have to pay $79 if you want add installation.

Subscription and Recurring Payments extension by ParadoxLabs


We have given you assessment about top 5 amazing Subscription and Recurring Payments extensions for Magento 2. We hope that you can choose the appropriate extension for your store based on our reviews. Please feel free to contact us if you want to add or remove any other Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments extension.

Anh Thu

Magento 2 Extensions Reviewer