//Is M2 Product Label Extension You Looking for of Top 6 Most Popular one?

Is M2 Product Label Extension You Looking for of Top 6 Most Popular one?

For online stores, using product labels can be one of the most effective ways to catch customers’ attention and increase sales. In this article, we will give you the brief review of top 6 most popular Magento 2 Product Label extensions.

Default Magento 2 does not support adding product labels on items or using any kind of sticker on the product image.

Therefore, magento product label extensions are developed along with useful features helping store owners promote their products effectively for Magento 2 store. Here are the list of 6 amazing Magento 2 Product Label extensions.

1. Product Label by BSSCommerce


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This extension allows admin to assign image labels to items for the purpose of promoting products.

When customers browse catalogue, they will certainly be attracted by products attached with outstanding stickers such as New label, Sale label, Sold Out label.

Hence, there are more opportunities for store owners to sell products and keep customers staying longer on the website.

Key Features of BSS Magento 2 product label extension:

  • Insert different types of image label to product listing
  • Upload images for various labels
  • Set Sold Out label automatically for out-of-stock products
  • Put image label at any position on product:

Review: In general, this is an useful extension because it provides necessary functions supporting admin to add image labels to products.

The price for this extension is reasonable when the community edition and the enterprise edition cost $35 and $85 respectively.

Moreover, BSSCommerce also supports magento 2 product label extension free installation and magento 2 product label extension free updates for all products.

2. Custom Product Labels by WebKul SoftWare Private Limited


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Like magento 2 product label of BSS, this extension helps to make products more outstanding by letting admin add image labels including “Sale”, “New”, “Featured” and “Sold Out” on products.

However, compared to BSS magento product labels extension, there is limitation that this extension does not support placing labels on different positions of products.

You can only upload images for four main types of products labels in the backend page.

Features of Custom Product Labels:

  • Set labels like Sale, New, Featured, and Sold-Out
  • Upload images for product labels
  • Delete previously set label images

Review: This extension works well although there are limitations. About the price, it cost $29 for the community edition and $58 for the enterprise edition. If you require the installation, you will have to pay an extra amount of $5.8.

3. Easy Product Labels by Envision Ecommerce


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Easy magento product label is developed for Magento 2 store owners to allocate custom product labels to their desired products.

With this extension, they can run various promotional campaigns on their products. Like BSS magento 2 product label extension, the store admin can place labels on four different positions of products.

Besides, this extension also provides three product label types consisting of vertical ribbon, horizontal ribbon and angled ribbon. However, you may feel inconvenient when uploading images for each product label is not supported.

Features of Easy Product Labels:

  • Choose product label types
  • Set the position of selected product labels
  • Select a product label such as “Featured”, “Latest Product”, “Hot”, etc.

Review: This is a good extension with fundamental features of Product Label extension. Regarding the price, the community edition costs only $29 but the enterprise edition costs $179. Moreover, you have to pay $30 for the professional installation service if you require.

4. Product Label by Magenest


Admin can improve store conversion rate by using this product label magento 2 to highlight special offers, featured products and sale items.

In addition, this extension also allows you to create an unlimited number of label rules, define conditions to show a label and place these labels in nine different positions on products.

Therefore, it can be considered as the effective way to promote items in your store.

Highlight features of Magenest Magento product labels:

  • Define conditions to show a label
  • Create label for categories and products.
  • Create your own label images
  • Show labels in nine different positions

Review: This is a helpful extension because it not only supply admin with basic features of product label extension but it also allows admin to set specific conditions. However, it costs you $99 for the community edition and $249 for the enterprise edition along with $50 for the installation service.

5. Product Labels (Prolabels) by Templates Master


Prolabels provide easy and flexible way to create professionally looking call-to-action labels for your Magento store.

By making use of this extension, the store admin can attract customers’ attention to featured products or special offers.

Compared to all the above product label extensions, prolabels also supports customizing label by changing Label Text, Label Custom Url, Label Style, etc. In addition, you can set conditions for image labels in the store.

Main features of Prolabels:

  • Create 3 types of system labels: New products labels, On sale label, Low stock and Out of stock label
  • Support content labels and create unlimited numbers of custom labels
  • Assign labels based on different attributes values such product SKU, price or any other custom attribute
  • Update label styles with css classes
  • Change label text and label custom url.

Review: This extension can be a good choice if you want to find an useful product label magento 2. However, the price seems a bit expensive with $99 for the community edition (not including the installation extra charge).

6. Product Labels by Amasty


Amasty product labels magento 2 extension supports many vital and helpful features of product label to draw customers’ attention to particular items.

In addition to insert colorful labels to any products, you can set time periods for displaying product labels so after a certain time amount set in admin, the label will be removed from items.

Besides, you can also set different level of priorities for each product label.

Key features of Amasty magento 2 product labels extension:

  • Add colorful labels to any products
  • Utilize flexible conditions for badges display
  • Set time periods for labels demonstration/priorities for label display
  • Customize label messages by using variables

Review: Amasty product labels magento 2 is an amazing extension for the purpose of promoting products. However, the community edition costs you $149 whereas the enterprise edition costs $449. At last, you will have to pay more $59 if you require installation.


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We have shown the quick analysis of top 6 most popular magento 2 product labels extension. We hope that you can choose the suitable product label extension for your store based on information provided. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.