//Offers More Special Promotion With 3 Amazing Magento 2 Free Gift Exensions

Offers More Special Promotion With 3 Amazing Magento 2 Free Gift Exensions

Everyone loves free gift, for sure. So, in order to get more customers satisfaction and boost your sales, we think giving away magento 2 gift card extension would be one of the most effective marketing solution that can help you achieve your goals.

Hence, among thousands Magento 2 Free Gift extensions, we would like to show you detailed analysis and reviews about Top 4 Magento 2 gift card extension to help you easily choose the most suitable one for installing your store.

Besides, all the following modules are carefully hand-picked by Magexts team based on the following criteria:

  • Extension function
  • Ranking
  • Provider’s reputation
  • Rating and reviews

#1. Magento 2 Free Gift Extension by Amasty


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Magento 2 Free Gift extension by Amasty gives you ability to show off your eye-catching banners to let visitors know about the promotion that is run by your Magento 2 store.

In addition, the promotion can be placed on various positions such as top of a product page, space above the “Add to Cart” button and shopping cart page. Moreover, Magento 2 store owners also can offer gifts for specific products that complement to rules conditions of promotion.

For example, promo slogan could be “Buy a jacket and get a gym bottle for free” or something like that. Of course, you can set up several gifts and let customers choose the best one they like.

Especially, Magento 2 gift card extension github can be considered as a tool that can help you to enhance your customer’s experience as well by encouraging them to choose a free gift as their wish during the checkout process.

Main functions of Magento 2 gift card extension free download by Amasty:

  • Show informative banners on various place on your Magento 2 site
  • Customize eye-catching labels
  • Support configurable products
  • Automatically add free gifts with particular products
  • Support coupon codes
  • Promote visitor experience

Review: Ranked the first position of the top of the best Magento 2 extensions for Free Gift is the extension by Amasty. However, it is quite expensive with $199 for Community Edition and $399 for Enterprise Edition not including $59 installation fee.

#2. Magento 2 Free Gift Extension by Cmsideas


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Magento 2 Free Gift Extension by Csmideas supports Magento 2 store owners to create and display promotion program per their convenience.

The magento 2 gift card extension is supported to be added to your customer carts automatically when corresponding to the conditions or be added when customers use valid coupon codes.

There are many types of promotions that can be applied for cart rules such as free gifts with products, free gifts for the whole cart, magento 2 gift card extension for specific product, free gifts with amount $X spent, etc.

Moreover, Magento 2 store owners can be customized and manage rules and conditions applied for promotion program on particular products, customer groups, quantity restrictions and so on.

Fundamental features of Magento 2 gift card extension free download by Cmsideas:

  • Easily build promotion program
  • Freely choose conditions for creating price cart rules
  • Easily manage your rules
  • Quickly select types of promotion, products applied for cart rules

Review: One can say that the module by Cmsideas is contradictory to magento gift card extension by Amasty. The module by Cmsideas is a super simple and useful application and its prices is very reasonable with only $59 for a dowloading time.

#3. Magento 2 Free Gift Extension by Vnecoms


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Not much difference with the two Magento 2 extensions above, Magento 2 gift card extension by Vnecoms also brings you ability to run promotion program as well as give customers free gifts when they go shopping at your Magento 2 store.

There are two types of rule which are Catalog rule and Sales rule for flexible adding when Magento 2 store owners want to define gifts.

In addition to these, using Magento 2 gift card extension github, Magento 2 store owners are able to set up a rule that allows customer to select one free gift or multiple gifts from the free gifts list or any other custom rules you want easily.

Main features of Magento 2 free gift extension by Vnecoms:

  • Allow to set up two types of free gift rules like catalog rules, sales rules
  • Freely enable or disable each free gift rule
  • Influence particular website or specific customer group
  • Set schedule rules can be applied

Review: This is a good and simple Magento 2 free gift extension gift you should not miss. Besides, it costs $99 to add this extension to cart and $30 for installation service.


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In short, here are 4 great magento 2 gift card extension we want to share you. In case you want to submit your Magento gift card extension list or suggest removing an item from the list, please feel free to contact us.

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