//Most Effective Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions to Keep Your Customer

Most Effective Magento 2 Quick Order Extensions to Keep Your Customer

Whenever a customer goes shopping in a Magento 2 store, he/she may want to search for some needed products on the site. However, with the default of Magento, shoppers cannot search by SKUs. This will result in dissatisfaction of your customers.

Magento 2 quick order extension is an ideal module to handle that problem. By using a Magento 2 quick order modules, you can significantly increase the customer’s experience with your Magento 2 website.

The extensions not only provide the ability for shoppers to quickly find targeted products by typing SKUs or names but also help them add items to carts instantly.

Besides, such modules also have an autocomplete search box providing suggestions when the product’s SKUs or Names are filled.

With these functions, this type of Magento quick order extension is extremely suitable for B2B websites and for customers who would like to purchase items in bulks.

For example, imagine that a B2B customer has long lists of products, with Wholesale Fast Order extension, they just need to import this list as CSV file, then click Add to Cart button, all products on this list will be added to cart faster than ever.

This post will provide you detailed information about Magento 2 quick order by ski developed by the two most famous Magento solution companies. They are BSSCommerce and DCKAP.

The Similarities of Magento 2 Quick Order/Wholesale Fast Order Extensions


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First of all, we will have a look at the very general functions of a typical Fast / Quick order extension for Magento 2:

  • Allow customers to search and order the products by SKUs and Names quickly and easily.
  • Highlight search keywords in the quick search results. The basic information of searching items such as products’ names, SKUs, and thumbnail images are displayed in the search results for customers’ references.
  • Automatically suggest items based on the keywords.
  • Integrate with Ajax search helps customers to distinguish the one they need from the other products.
  • Allow to add multiple products to the cart at once. After filling the products’ names (or SKUs) in the search rows, customers can add all of them to the cart by only one click on the Add to cart button.
  • Attributes and custom options of configurable products are displayed for customers to select. If customers want to change any custom options, they just need to click the EDIT button.
  • Automatically calculate the subtotal price of chosen products.
  • Allow to choose which customer groups to apply the module for. The customer groups are selected through the backend settings.
  • The number of rows that are used to order the products to be displayed in the frontend can be configured in the backend.
  • The minimum number of autocomplete characters to get the suggestion is formed by the admin.

Those are the most common functions of a Magento quick order extension for stores. As it always be, there are differences features among these Magento solution partners.

1. Magento 2 Quick Order by DCKAP $249


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Customers are able to search and order the products through a quick order popup, so that they don’t have to navigate to other pages. This is a unique function of DCKAP’s module.

B2B customers can add multiple products by specifying the SKU and the quantity of the products in a text area in the popup. However, they need to type these SKUs and numbers one by one which takes a lot of time to complete. The separator between SKU and quantity can be modified from the backend settings.

Customers can only order simple and configurable products using a quick popup. Grouped product, downloadable product, virtual product, and bundle products are not available on this module.

Moreover, the products’ price is not displayed in the quick search results. This is sometimes inconvenient for customers who care much about price.

About the price of this Magento 2 quick order extension by sku, DCKAP charge $249 for a non-installation-service community version. You need to pay $49 more to have it installed and an additional $50 for the enterprise version.

2. Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSSCommerce $119


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Besides the basic functions of a quick order extension for Magento 2, BSSCommere developed its product with a number of different features.

In terms of product types that can be used in Fast Order form, the extension by BSSCommerce not only allows customers to add simple and configurable products (like DCKAP does) but also is compatible with other types of products, just except bundle product.

For B2B customers or shoppers who buy a large number of items on your store, BSSCommerce supports CSV import function for simple products without custom options. In other words, customers can upload a CSV file to buy a large quantity of as many products as possible. This consumes much less time of buyers than DCKAP does.

Apart from product names, products’ images, and products’ SKUs, the Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSSCommerce also displays the price of each product on the search results. This is very favorable for big buyers who pay a lot of attention on the product’s price.

Considering configurations, admins using the Wholesale Fast Order extension has more power to facilitate the module functions, compared to DCKAP. Store owners can not only set the minimum number of autocomplete characters but also fix the maximum of results shown on the list.

In addition, the admin can choose the color of the ordering table and of the title text on the CMS page to draw the most customers’ attention.

About the price, you only have to pay $119 to get a community version of the module. Unlike the extension by DCKAP, BSSCommerce offers free installation service for their clients when they buy the extension.

An additional $50 is asked to have the enterprise version with many more features and services included.


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In summary, Magento 2 Quick Order by DCKAP and Magento 2 Wholesale Fast Order by BSSCommerce are innovative extensions to increase your customer’s satisfaction on your sites.

With the user-friendly and practical interface, the modules can enhance the shopping experience for your customers. They also stimulate them to come back to your site to order, generating more profits for you.

If you are still confused about which extension to choose, just read this blog again carefully and go to the product’s pages of both companies to discover and try out their demo version.

After that, you can absolutely make the decision easier and more precise.