//These 5 Magento 2 Extension Store Recommendations Will Never Disappoint You
5 best magento 2 extension stores

These 5 Magento 2 Extension Store Recommendations Will Never Disappoint You

You are searching for the best Magento 2 extension store, aren’t you? – Then, keep scrolling down here.

Instead of spending time and money on PHP outsource, installing Magento 2 extensions is an easier and faster way to raise revenue for your online store. All these tools are designed for better orders management, improving sales, and eventually making your customers happier. 

That is the reason why there are so many Magento 2 extension stores in the market today. However, it also makes store owners puzzled choosing a reliable place to get necessary extensions. So this post will list 5 Magento 2 extension store vendors at your fingertips.

1. Magento marketplace

Magento marketplace can be known as the official store for a comprehensive source of Magento themes and extensions. 

Marketplace - the official extension store of Magento

Magento marketplace covers thousands of free and premium Magento 2 extensions designed by nearly 500 experienced developers. All the extensions in the store are categorized into different collections ranging from marketing to shipping and fulfilment. Most extensions in Magento marketplace have a demo functionality link that you can test.

Thus, it is effortless for retailers to find exactly what they want for their store.

2. Amasty

Amasty is another extensive Magento 2 extension store that effectively helps store owners refurbish their website. 

Amasty magento extension store

Amasty was found in 2009 and had only 20 extensions in the first years. Throughout growing, over 230 Magento 2 extensions were developed until now. It means that there are more than 230 ways to equip your business with better tools. 

All the Magento extensions from Amasty are put on the shelf with detailed descriptions and demos. Furthermore, Amasty has a qualified support team which always helps customer address problems with user guides and tips for taking the most advantage of the extensions. 

3. BSS Commerce

As a leading Magento 2 extensions store in Southeast Asia, BSS Commerce provides e-commerce businesses with the best Magento extensions, both free and paid.

bss commerce the best magento 2 extension store

With over 100 Magento 2 extensions developed by experienced certificated Magento specialists, BSS Commerce is demonstrating its superior reliability. 

Services can be regarded as an outstanding point of this store. BSS Commerce not only provides products but also long-term support. Specifically, clients will be given a free 1-year support pack for each Magento 2 extension, free lifetime update, and 30-day money-back if the products do not meet customers’ needs. 

4. Aheadworks

Aheadworks is not strange to e-commerce businesses because of its popularity and a large number of Magento 2 extensions. 

Aheadwork extension store

This store has been cooperating with more than 60 thousand clients and serving approximately 47 thousand websites. 

By purchasing products from this Magento 2 extension store, customers can get many promotions and reduction like 25% off for 4 extensions. Hence, they will save money and enhance the functionality of the store at once.

5. Mageplaza

Mageplaza is one of the few websites that has been offering Magento 2 extensions since the platform first launched. 


With all products in this Magento 2 extension store, customers only need to pay once for permanent using. 

Additionally, all the extensions are certainly included support and policies from the provider such as 1-year free support, 2-month money-back guarantee, etc. Besides, each Magneto 2 extensions will be updated and upgraded constantly for the most efficient operation. 

Wrapping up

Choosing a reliable place to get the necessary extensions for your store. So we hope that these suggestions above will help you find a Magento 2 extension store that supports your business in the long run.