//Comparison between 3 Excellent Magento 2 Auto Invoice

Comparison between 3 Excellent Magento 2 Auto Invoice

Paying attention to enhance user experience is now one of the most popular ways to attract customers and promote sales in the store. In this article, we will focus on reviewing top 3 amazing Magento 2 Auto Invoice extensions.

Drawbacks of Creating Invoice in Default Magento 2

Invoice is usually generated after the store owner receive payments from customers. For customers, they always want to get invoices as soon as possible to make sure that their orders succeeded.

The sooner invoice is sent to customers, the more trust and appreciation they will give to the store. As a store owner, you have to assure that customers can receive invoices in time to confirm their purchase and order information.

However, with default Magento, admin have to create invoices or shipments manually, which makes both admin and customers feel inconvenient.

When there are too many orders, it takes a lot of time for admin to control and create invoices right after customers have placed orders and completed payments.

In some cases, admin can even make mistakes with the vast order number. To solve this problem, Auto Invoice extension is developed and here are 3 magento 2 automatic invoice highly recommended.

#1. Magento 2 Auto Invoice by BSSCommerce – $49


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BSSCommerce developed this extension for the purpose of satisfying customers with immediate order processing.

With Magento 2 Auto Invoice extension, customers can receive invoices or shipments and even confirmation emails as soon as they finished their payments. This makes them appreciate the professionalism of your store as well as enjoy quick order process.

In addition, magento 2 automatic invoice can minimize admin’s effort in managing total invoice and help admin develop suitable strategies for business.

Admin doesn’t need to handle all invoices or shipments manually so that a lot of time is saved and admin can avoid mistakes with the vast order number.

Regarding business strategy, if admins prioritize certain payment methods, they can give customers using those methods privilege by enabling automatic generation of invoices and shipments for specific methods of payments.

Key features of Magento 2 Auto Invoice:

  • Create invoice/shipment based on offline payment methods automatically
  • Automatically send invoice/shipment emails to customers
  • Apply automatic invoice and shipment for multiple offline payment methods

Compared to two above extensions, Auto Invoice extension by BSSCommerce seems better when invoices and shipments of any orders in the store can be generated automatically.

Unlike two extensions mentioned, Magento 2 Auto Invoice doesn’t require $0 priced orders to automatically create invoices or shipments.

Whenever you finish payment process, you can get your own invoices or shipments promptly along with the confirmation email. A bonus point is that this extension allows admin to apply auto-invoice feature to specific offline payment methods for business strategies.

The good news is that BSS also supports free installation and free update for their products whereas you will have to pay fee nearly equal to the actually price of products to set up other auto invoice extensions.


Magento 2 Auto Invoice of BSS has the same price as that of MageArray. With the same price $49 plus free installation, this extension even owns more functions in configuration. It has limitation because you can only apply this extension to offline methods.

#2. Auto Invoice for Magento 2 by MageArray – $49


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This extension is designed to generate invoice automatically for $0 priced orders. It doesn’t matter if the number of daily orders is low.

But when there are too many orders, Auto Invoice can be a good choice to quickly resolve $0 priced orders. For zero order, Auto Invoice extension updates order status to “processing” or “complete” and sends the invoice automatically right after an order is placed.

Therefore, admin can avoid using too much time in manual processing for orders.

Feature highlights of Auto Invoice:

  • Change orders’ status automatically
  • Send invoice and email to customer’s inbox for zero order total

On the other hand, a limitation of this extension is that the order status won’t be changed and no email will be sent if order value is greater than zero.

About installation, this extension is known as an easy-to-install module and you can easily use this module for your staging or development website. At last, if you require installation service, you need to pay $49 for it.


In general, the price $49 is acceptable for this extension when it provides fundamental features of Magento 2 auto invoice. In contrast, the installation fee may be a little expensive compared to other extensions.

#3. Auto Invoice Free Order for Magento 2 by RedChamps – $39


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Thanks to Auto Invoice Free Order, if the grand total for order is zero, the full order will be invoiced automatically.

This can be useful for stores that sell some free products because admin doesn’t have to create invoices manually.

In addition, in case you sell free downloadable products, you might know that these products will not be available for downloading until the order is invoiced.

This extension will help customers download those products without waiting by issuing invoice automatically.

Features of Auto Invoice Free Order:

  • Extension can be turned ON/OFF from admin panel
  • Turn ON/OFF for email notification of automatically creating invoices (From Admin panel, Store > Configuration > RedChamps > Auto Invoice Free Order)
  • It not only invoice an order with zero grand total but can automatically create invoice if any one of the product in order has zero price

Like Auto Invoice of MageArray, this Auto Invoice extension only supports generating invoices automatically for free products in the order. Moreover, you have to pay $30 for installation service when choosing this extension.  


The price $39 for this extension seems more profitable compared to Auto Invoice extension of MageArray

The Final Verdict

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Magexts team have shown you key features and a quick comparison of top 3 Magento 2 Auto Invoice extensions that are highly recommended.

With this extension, you can faster order processing by auto invoice, auto shipment generations and auto confirmation emails as well.

Based on detailed information provided, we hope that you can make your own decision when selecting the suitable extension for your store. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help you.