//Magento Order Tracking: Overview, Tips & Excellent Extensions

Magento Order Tracking: Overview, Tips & Excellent Extensions

The topic for today is Magento order tracking. Order tracking is something necessary for any e-commerce business. It contains so many benefits that all online stores need to have on their website. However, there are still some sellers who overlook this beneficial functionality.

That’s why we decided to deliver this blog, which includes information about:

  • Importance of order tracking in e-commerce
  • Best tips to improve order tracking usability
  • Excellent Magento Order Tracking extensions

Now, let’s get started!

Order Tracking – A Must In Any E-commerce Business

What Is Order Tracking?


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Order tracking enables customers to follow their order’s status after placing order. In other words, order tracking can also be considered as a communication method between online businesses and customers after the order is placed.

In general, order tracking contains many functionalities, including shipment tracking, delivery date estimation, order’s status updating. All these things have a role to play in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Why Is Order Tracking So Important?

Including order tracking on your e-commerce site will significantly be beneficial for your business. This contributes to your business performance.

Avoid Orders Cancellation


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Order tracking helps store owners to communicate with customers after they placed an order. For this reason, customers don’t have to worry about stuff, such as whether they successfully ordered, whether the order will be delivered, whether there is any problem, etc.

If they don’t know such information, they will easily cancel orders. And of course, you will increase the inventory, to which no business wants.

Gain Customer Trust


Tracking is a highlighted component that contributes to an active shipping system.

According to a survey by ProShip, 97% of customers expect to keep track of their orders and receive replies throughout the shipping process. Also, Narvar’s report stated that 73% of customers consider order tracking as the most important message from retailers.

So, if you can’t provide what customers expect, you will lose customer trust. Consequently, you will miss a chance to increase sales.

Reduce Costs


Let’s imagine! You believe that order tracking is not important, and you decided to ignore such useful functionality. Of course, you cannot meet customer expectations, as we have said above.

In that case, you need to deal with “Where Is My Order” calls from them, which is usually costly and time-consuming. Customers are varied, and dealing with them is not simple at all.

Then, instead of spending time like that, why don’t you satisfy them at first. If you use order tracking, and all the information will be automatically sent to customers. And believe us, it saves you a lot of time.

Easily Control Orders


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Not only customers but store owners also need to follow orders. Why? Simply just because they want to make sure that the items can be delivered to customers’ hands safe and sound.

Carriers are in charge of delivering items. Once you give your products to shippers, even you cannot know where it is at the moment.

Besides, in case anything happens with the item, with order tracking, you can address the problem more quickly; thenceforth, timely solve any issue arise.

3 Best Practices to Enhance Order Tracking Usability

Having an order tracking system is not enough to improve customer satisfaction. You need to make customers use it, or otherwise, your effort will be fruitless.

Here below are several tips to make it usable:

#1. Include The Link In The Confirmation Email


Instead of going to the store and looking for the link, customers will prefer to open the confirmation email as it is more comfortable and less time-consuming. Therefore, including a link in the email is necessary.

Besides, for customers who don’t know this functionality, it is a way to inform them about the tool that they will notice the next time.

More importantly, please make sure that the link is highlighted enough to be noticeable.

#2. Make The Link Easy to Find


Besides email, you also need to make sure that the link on the web page is visible.

The order tracking link is usually placed at the top of the page, as customers will notice there first. Don’t hide it somewhere, or behind the “Help” or “Customer Service”, customers won’t understand that is the order tracking link.

Just show it off prominently!

#3. Include The Visual Process on The Account Page


Words are not sufficient; you should make the process more visual.

Sometimes, customers won’t have time to read every single word you wrote in the process. Then, you can just visualize it in 3-4 simple steps: Hold for confirmation, Confirmed, Processing, Completed.

In this way, customers can go through but still follow the order more comfortably.

Magento Order Tracking Extension – 5 Best Recommendations

There are many supportive extensions to optimize the order tracking functionality in Magento stores.

Here below are 5 outstanding extensions that we have carefully chosen.

#1. Magento 2 Track Order by EnvinceMage – $25


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Compatible with: Magento 2.1 – 2.2 – 2.3

Highlighted features:

  • Easily track order without login
  • Ajax technologies
  • Third parties information
  • User-friendly
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy installation & configuration


Track Order by EnvinceMage contains many powerful features, despite the reasonable price.

The extension provides the real-time visibility of the order through the Magento Order Table, powered by advanced Ajax technologies. Therefore, both customers and store owners can follow the order at any point in time.

In terms of customer reviews, Envice received many positive reviews. Customers commented that it worked perfectly as described, and it’s worth investing.

Support policies:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 90-day free support
  • Free lifetime update

#2. Magento 2 Order Tracking by Meetanshi – $39



Compatible with: Magento 2.0.x – 2.1.x – 2.2.x – 2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Order tracking without login
  • Easily access “track order” link
  • Custom validation message
  • Confirmation email with “track order” link
  • “Track order” link customization


The second extension recommended is the one developed by Meetanshi.

At a reasonable price, store owners can easily customize the order tracking functionality. No need to login, customers can follow the shipment process with an order ID and email address. All information will be sent right away.

With this 5-star Magento Order Tracking extension, you can quickly gain customer trust and loyalty.

Support policies:

  • Free lifetime update
  • Free lifetime support
  • 30-day money back

#3. Order Tracking by Landofcoder – $45



Compatible with: Magento 2.0.x – 2.1.x – 2.2.0 – 2.2.x – 2.3.0 – 2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Ability to follow orders without login
  • Track order widget support
  • Mobile & tablet optimized
  • Custom messages display
  • Reorder without login
  • Multi-language support & RTL ready
  • Easily configure


This Magento Order Tracking by Landofcoder is one of the best choices for an e-commerce store.

At a higher but still affordable price, Landofcoder includes everything in just a small extension to help optimize the order tracking tool, especially Magento Order Table utilization. Besides, it is responsive for multi-devices.

Actual customers have confirmed that the extension has boosted their performance: Absolute point for developer support, functions as described and usefulness.

Support policies:

  • Free update
  • Free support
  • 30-day money back

#4. Order Tracking for Magento 2 by MageComp – $89



Compatible with: Magento 2.0 – 2.1 – 2.2 – 2.3

Highlighted features:

  • Multiple shipment companies supported
  • Displayed shipment information in tabular format
  • Directly track the shipment from the order page
  • Detailed tracking from “My account”
  • Ability to send SMS to customers


The one by MageComp is a premium choice on our list.

This extension is rated 5/5 by all customers who have used it. It is considered as the best order tracking plugin with a smooth installation process, excellent support services, perfect features. Accordingly, it is worth the price.

Although the price is slightly higher than the others, we highly recommend using this Magento Order Tracking.

Support policies:

  • 90-day free professional support
  • 30-day money back

#5. Magento 2 Shipping Tracker by MageAnts – $59



Compatible with: Magento 2.0.x – 2.1.x – 2.2.x – 2.3.x

Highlighted features:

  • Tracking order using ID & email
  • Shipping partner’s page redirection
  • Link sent with the order confirmation email
  • “Tracking order” link customization
  • User-friendly & functional interface


Our last recommendation is from MageAnts, one of the well-known e-commerce solution providers.

Like other extensions, this one also allows customers to follow their order status without signing in, only ID and email address are needed. Additionally, beneficial for sellers, the extension enables Magento users to customize the link, position it anywhere on the page.

Customers using Shipping Tracker by MageAnts have said that it is a time-savior, works as described. And at a reasonable price, it includes everything you need to optimize order tracking functionality.

Support policies:

  • Refund in 30 days
  • Free update
  • 3-month free professional support


We have given a clear overview with some tips of order tracking in e-commerce, along with 5 highly-recommended Magento Order Tracking extensions.

We hope that this article will help you understand the importance of order tracking and take action right away to boost sales.

If you have any questions or want to add more extensions to the list, please feel free to CONTACT US anytime. We’re available 24/7 to support.

Thanks a lot for reading!