//Which are The Best Magento 2 ERP Extensions for 2020?
Which are The Best Magento 2 ERP Extensions for 2020

Which are The Best Magento 2 ERP Extensions for 2020?

Magento ERP extension is definitely a familiar tool used to help store owners integrate and manage all the important information of your business. However, retailers and small e-commerce sites hardly take it into account.

In this post, we are going to dig deeper into the benefits of using ERP extensions as well as the best Magento 2 ERP extensions for 2020.

What is e-commerce ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a crucial business platform that is in charge of integrating product planning, development, manufacturing, marketing, sales. Then all the information is stored in a single database. 

In fact, the system provides an optimal Magento ERP extension for a business control problem where relevant notifications or insights are sent to a responsible employee at the appropriate time for making an informed decision. 

Benefits of using ERP extensions


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In general, Magento ERP extension allows systems to manage different operating processes within the business like product distribution process, supply system, knowledgebase, human resources, payroll, etc. 

The system permits us to solve every inner stage to further boost revenue most quickly. There are numerous ERP platforms like SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, PDM/PLM-systems, Notes/Domino, etc.

Inventory seems to be the top priority resource for any eCommerce store all the time, so it is necessary to optimize stock management to boost your embedded ERP.

Magento ERP extension system can reduce administrative and operational costs, as well as improve business productivity. Embedded ERP Magento connector allows for buying/selling goods and doing away with mistakes made by the human. 

Here are the essential Magento 2 ERP extension choices for your store, which may assist your administration process and help to solve the fundamental management problems.

5 ERP Extensions for Magento 2

Embedded ERP Magento 2 Extension – $699


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Embedded ERP is a comprehensive Magento 2 ERP extension which covers 3 applications fields:

  • Advanced Inventory – Inventory Management
  • Supplier Management – Monitoring Procurement – Purchasing
  • Order Preparation – Preparation of orders

Additionally, there are 2 application fields under development that will be available soon:

  • Orders Management
  • Reporting / Dashboards

Celigo Netsuite connector – free

Netsuite-connector- free

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With Celigo Netsuite connector, admins can easily:
  • Update inventory levels in Magento systems based on changes in NetSuite
  • Make shipping information available upon order fulfillment in NetSuite
  • Convert items in NetSuite to Magento 
  • Connect multiple Magento 2 websites views to a single NetSuite account

E-Bridge Connections ERP Integration – FREE


E-Bridge’s ERP integration allows store owners to:

  • Automate orders and inventory
  • Track information, customer data 
  • Update product data, pricing, and inventory levels 
  • Connect the back-office accounting/ERP system and their Magento ecommerce store.

E-link Sage ERP Integration – free


CertiPro’s E-Link extension is a sync tool that streamlines and transfers data from Sage ERP software to your Magento frontend website. This Magento 2 ERP extension covers:

  • Customer information
  • Product details & pricing
  • Inventory & customer pricing levels
  • Shipping & tracking

B2B ERP Connect – free


B2B ERP Connect extension for Magento 2 by Corevist is a great Magento ERP extension for industrial manufacturers and distributors that:

  • Run their organization on SAP
  • Create complex business-to-business and contract-based relationships
  • Possibly operate in different states, countries, or currencies
  • Manage orders beyond the phone, fax, and email


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In brief, Magento 2 ERP extension is something that integrates all aspects of your business. Hence, it is indeed important for managing and operating an eCommerce store.

We hope that topics about Magento extensions like that can give you a basic overview of ERP in general and Magento extensions in particular.