//4 Amazing Magento 2 Gift Card Extensions You Should Not Miss

4 Amazing Magento 2 Gift Card Extensions You Should Not Miss

Gift Card is the ideal choice for customers having a hard time finding the perfect gift among thousand of items in your store. These 4 amazing Magento 2 gift card extensions will be a big help in the creation and management of gift card in your online store.

Basically, gift card in Magento 2 is the same as an online voucher. With the support from a gift card extension, customers can buy these vouchers like any products from your store.

Moreover, they can customize the image of the gift card as well as write a lovely message for the recipient. The card, then, will be sent via email to the recipient and they can use the code in the card to purchase products from your store.

As you can see, with this new type of product, your customers have more choice when shopping for presents at your store.

Especially during holiday occasion when the demand of buying gifts is high, gift card will be favored by many buyers who do not have enough time to shop.

Now let’s check out the 4 amazing gift card extensions to find the best one for your store.

#1. Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Aheadworks


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This gift card extension by Aheadworks simplifies the gift card creation process into 3 easy steps. At first, buyers choose the amount for the gift card. Up next, an image template for the gift card email need to be chosen.

Admins can customize this image for various options which are suitable for different occasion. In the last step, buyers will fill in the content for the gift card email with sender and recipient information and the message they want to deliver.

A preview button is also available so that they can get a glimpse of what the email will look like. After the 3 steps are completed, a simple click on “add to cart” will have the voucher delivered to the receiver email.

In addition to the virtual gift card, buyers are able to choose the physical version or a combined one.

Instead of an online gift card sent to the inbox, recipient will get a print-off gift card delivered to their house. Or they may receive both online and offline version. It’s all up to buyers’ choices.

At the backend, admins can easily manage the gift cards and gift codes. A grid of issued gift codes shows remaining balance, which codes are active, used, part used, etc. A number of filtering options allow sorting codes by expiration date and remaining balance.


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At the price starting price of $399 for the Community edition, the price of this extension is quite high comparing to other modules. However, its feature worths all the money.

#2. Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Magestore


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This gift card extension by Magestore is quite similar to the one by Aheadworks. Buyers can have the gift card delivered in both online (via email) or offline (via post office).

However, the customization abilities are a bit better for the gift card extension by Magestore. The extension provides 3 stunning templates and sender can choose the image they want for the suitable template.

One big difference is that gift card prices can be equal or smaller than their values displayed in the gift card.

This feature can be used to trigger the sale of gift card during peak season such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter.

At customer account page, a new section named Gift Card will be shown for a better control of gift card usage such as balance and expired date.


For admins, the magento 2 gift card extension by Magestore enables a flexible management of gift codes at backend.

You can import gift code from CSV files, add, print or generate using patterns to reward customers or use as offline vouchers. Gift Card history tracking is also available for better controlling of gift codes, order ID, Customer email, redeemed value, status, etc.

The starting price for the Community edition is $259, which is a great choice for medium-sized business.

#3. Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Magedelight


This gift card extension allows customers to send gift card to their loved ones via both email and post office.

The gift card can be customized as buyers’ wishes by adding recipient name or writing a loving message. The preview feature is also available so that buyers can have a complete look of how the gift card will look like.

The extension has one same feature as the one by Magestore which is the Gift Card section on customer account page. Here, customers can check on their gift card balance, history and status.

For buyers who often get gift card from your store, this will be one big improvement in their shopping experiences within your website.

For small-sized business, at a base price of $149 for Community edition with all the basic features, this gift card extension is worthy for consideration.

#4. Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Webkul


The extension is developed for virtual gift card only. Hence, if you are planning to sell online gift card exclusively, then this will be a good magento 2 gift card extension to be on the list.

However, the extension still has some limitation and admins should be aware of them. For instances, the customization abilities are very limited. Buyers can only fill in the recipient’s email address.

They cannot either customize their own images for the gift card or write any loving message to the receiver. The preview feature is not available so that buyer can not pre-review what will be sent.

At the backends, a new gift card section will be added for admins to manage the gift codes.

At a pretty low price of $89, this gift card extension by Webkul provides the most basic functions for the gift card to be implemented in your store.


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In conclusion, in a fast and modern world like today, more and more customers are finding gift card as an ideal gift for various occasion such as holiday, wedding day, birthday, etc…

Before officially launching gift card product in your store, it’s essential to find the perfect gift card extension which is suitable to your needs and budget.  

It’s will be even more amazing if you can share your experiences with any gift card extensions with us in the comment section! Stay tuned for more upcoming review from Magexts team and feel free to ask for any topics!