//Magento 2 Extensions for Adding Custom Field In Checkout: BSSCommerce, Aitoc vs Amasty

Magento 2 Extensions for Adding Custom Field In Checkout: BSSCommerce, Aitoc vs Amasty

Collecting additional order-related information helps store owners develop business strategy and make smart decisions. With Magento 2 add custom field to checkout extension, admin can add the custom field in checkout and receive necessary data. This article will introduce three of magento 2 add custom field in checkout page.

The Checkout Custom Field extensions provided on this blog are selected based on two main aspects: function and price.

Regarding the extension function, We will analyze the chosen extension on both basic features and advanced features. Then, you will be given the extension price to consider all extensions thoroughly before making the final decision.

Without further ado, here are the three Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extensions for you:

1. Checkout Custom Field for Magento 2 Extension – BSS Commerce


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Key Features

This Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extension allows admin to add unlimited fields to the Magento 2 checkout. Admin can create the custom field with different input types: text field, text area, date & time, yes/no, radio button, and check box.

When creating a new custom field, admin can manage options for the field, set the default value for the field, then enable to show it on Shipping or Review & Payment of the checkout page and display it on certain store view.

For example, admin can add a new field “How did you know about us?” with some options such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Friends and Others…to know exactly which source that customer.


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Admin can easily manage all the newly created checkout custom fields on the convenient grid. They can decide to display the custom field on order grid, order detail page, email, and pdf invoice.

When customer proceeds to checkout, they can fill in the extra field on the shipping and billing address, depending on whether the field is required or not.

After the customer order has successfully placed, the additional information gathered from the custom field will be added to the order grid and order detail page in the backend.

PRICE: $79

Overall analysis for Checkout Magento 2 Add Custom Field To Checkout extension

The Magento 2 Add Custom Field To Checkout extension meets the basic requirement for an extension to add the custom field to Magento 2 checkout.

With the cost of $79, this is a good choice for a decent and quality Magento 2 Add Custom Field To Checkout extension.

Although this magento 2 checkout custom field github extension has some good points for supporting multiple store view and display the extra easily on PDF invoice and email sent to the customer, it hasn’t been updated with more advanced functions.

However, you can enjoy free installation from this Magento extension provider and some other perks, like free 1-year support and free update.

2. Checkout Field Manager for Magento 2 extension – Aitoc


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Key Features

Checkout Field Manager for Magento 2 extension helps admin add any field to the checkout page. There are various options for input type when creating the custom field, such as text field, text area, date, yes/no, multiple select, dropdown, checkbox, and radio buttons.

Admin can set the new custom field as required to make sure that customers have to complete that field in order to finish the checkout.

This magento 2 checkout custom field validation also supports multiple store views to display specific field per store view. The newly created field will be shown in any steps of magento 2 add custom field in checkout page.

However, magento 2 add custom field to checkout extension only include the checkout custom field value in order detail, not in order grid, thus there is also no option to filter or sort orders by data in custom fields.

PRICE: $125

Overall analysis for Checkout Field Manager for Magento 2 Extension

Checkout Field Manager extension provides pretty much the same functions as the previous extension.

In comparison with last one, Checkout Field Manager extension doesn’t offer any other advanced or unique features, but it comes with the price of $125.

This is quite expensive for a magento 2 add custom field to checkout extension with basic features. Not to mention, you will have to pay an extra $59 to get installation service and the free update is limited to only six months.

3. Order Attributes for Magento 2 Extension – Amasty


Key Features

Order attribute is basically the concept of checkout custom field we I mention above. Normally Magento only supports default attributes, such as customer name, email, shipping address, payment method…which will be displayed in the form of field on checkout.

Adding new order attribute means that admin can add the custom field to the checkout page to collect order related information, such as date and time to deliver the order, order comment and other question for customers.

Therefore, Order Attributes extension is just another name of magento 2 checkout custom field validation.

This Order Attribute extension provides basic functions to add the custom field to checkout, support different input type to create a new field, assign the field on any step of checkout page, and display the attribute on order detail, order grid, email, and PDF invoice.


Besides, it offers additional features for the extension to improve user experience and admin support.

For example, customers don’t have to fill in the custom field repeatedly because the extension will saves the entered field value, automatically show that information for future checkout.

Magento 2 checkout custom field github also applies the conditions to display custom fields, such as only show certain custom field based on the chosen shipping methods or customer group, but there aren’t conditions for product or category.

The order attributes will also be included in API and HTML printout from Customer Account Page.

Price: $189

Overall analysis for Order Attribute for Magento 2 Extension

Order Attributes for Magento 2 offers the nice function for both creating and managing the custom field in checkout.

If you want advanced functions like using condition to display field or saving field value for future checkout, this extension is for you.

However, if you only seek for basic features to simply add some fields to checkout, then the price of $189 is twice as the basic magento 2 add custom field to checkout that only costs $79.

Moreover, the additional fee for installation service is $59 and there is only free support for three months, the 6-month or 1-year package will costs more.

Final Thought

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Although all the Magento 2 extensions presented above share the similarity of adding the custom field in checkout, each one its own pros and cons considering both the function and extension price.

I hope that the article is helpful for you when choosing the right Checkout Custom Field for your site. Please keep update for other upcoming blogs in Magexts.