//Knet Magento Extension – Kuwait’s Leading Online Transaction Service

Knet Magento Extension – Kuwait’s Leading Online Transaction Service

Are you a retailer in Kuwait looking for a secure and efficient payment gateway that accepts online payments? The solution is Knet Magento extension, which is suitable for online businesses operating in Kuwait. It is also the most popular payment solution, as 71% of people using Knet as the APM.

So in this article, we will get to know about Kuwait’s leading online transaction service and top popular Knet Magento 2 extension choices.

What is Knet Payment Gateway?


Knet payment gateway was launched in 2004 as an online payment solution for private and public institutions. 

The payment method allows merchants to collect payments in exchange for trading products and services. The transactions happen via the internet in real-time. 

Knet Magento extension ensures a secure payment process when it redirects the customers to the payment gateway to enter debit card information and proceed payment. 

Benefits of Using Knet Magento Extension

Unlike other Magento extensions, Knet Magento extension particularly supports merchants in the payment process.

  • Accept secure online payments in your Magento stores.
  • Select the language of payment processing.
  • Knet payment gateway securely processes debit card data for payment capture without saving information on the gateway. 
  • Choose the Knet payment method when checkout and get redirected to the payment gateway once selected. 
  • Gain your customers’ trust with a quick and simple payment system.

Top 3 Knet Magento 2 Extensions

#1. Magento 2 Knet FSS Payments Extension by Meetanshi – $159


Knet Magento 2 extension by Meetanshi connects Knet payment gateway with Magento to accept secure online payments through debit cards.

Though the extension offers a reasonably high price, it provides payment security with a better user experience.

Highlighted features:

  • FSS Service
  • Multiple languages of payment
  • Numerous payment methods according to countries
  • Easy configuration

#2. Magento 2 Knet Payments Gateway by Magehub – $49


Knet gateway by Magehub, the least expensive Knet Magento 2 extension in the list, provides a confidential payment environment to users. Hence, it is a good option for the merchants to integrate this interface into their retail stores for enhanced and protected payment processes.

Highlighted features:

  • Conventional title for payment method
  • Alias name during their registration process
  • FSS service to provide transportal ID, resource key and password 
  • Details of payments displayed in “my account” and “order view.

#3. Knet Payment Gateway Opencart – $90


This Knet Magento extension allows you to accept payments in OpenCart via Knet payment gateway. The extension redirects the user to Knet website for making actual payments with a credit card.

Highlighted features:

  • No Opencart core files are modified
  • Pure PHP code. No PHP-Java bridge
  • Stores payment transaction details from Knet gateway in the database for tracking purpose
  • Available in both Magento version 1 and 2


For a Magento business planning to venture into ecommerce or online trading, installing Knet Magento extension is the most prioritized option, as it ensures seamless, secure, and low-cost transactions. 

You will be able to attract more customers who are tech-savvy and use their mobiles for online shopping, as well.

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