//Powerful Purchase with Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension

Powerful Purchase with Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension

Have you ever worried that the goods might not be according to your desires when you purchase goods on e-commerce websites?

In fact, if you go to a popular shopping site like eBay or Amazon, there will still be some possibility that among many others, those suppliers would misinterpret your order.

Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension that designed to ensure that every customer order when it hits the supplier is entirely in line with customer requirements, from product quality to shipping time.

What Is Purchase Order and Its Effects?


The purchase order (PO) is considered to be paperwork approved for purchases and trading. If the vendor agrees, the purchase order will become a legally binding agreement such as the one notarized.

In simple words, the purchase order is an authorization which the customer sent to the manufacturer to confirm the order.

There are servals main information that always appears in the purchase order, including:

  • Date/No of PO
  • Detail of Buyer & Supplier
  • Product Quality
  • Description Products
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Total Amount
  • Payment Method
  • Delivery Term
  • Signatures

Purchase order offers a number of advantages for both buyers and sellers, such as:

  • Allow buyers to notify the seller of their purpose and choice.
  • Allow buyers and sellers to keep track of transactions.
  • In the current situation, orders enable agents to handle new requests as well as order expenses.
  • Orders help the economy simplify the procurement and selling process according to a standard procedure.

Another thing we should be considered is, purchase order and invoices are total differences.

The main key difference is purchase order is sent by consumers to confirm the order and invoices are sent by suppliers to request payment for orders.

Top 3 Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension

#1. Purchase Management by Agilecodex – $90


This feature will allow help customers to feel more comfortable in procurement to create a new purchase order manually or convert it from a quotation.

In addition, customers can easily manage distributors and you can inform suppliers of all price lists with additional details on purchase orders and quotations via email.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provide stock stability
  • Well managed
  • Easy to install and configure

#2. Purchase Order System by Cedcommerce – $99



This Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension allows customers to put a Purchase Order application for a given product.

In addition, Customers can even submit a purchase order even if that commodity was not sold by the administrator but can be easily used due to its strategic market position.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to manage customer request
  • Easy to manage product invoice
  • Purchase orders can be viewed or edited by customers

#3. Purchase Order by Webkul – $99


Through this Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension, While any product is sold out of supply an automatic purchase order is produced.

Also, through this feature, the owner of the store can potentially create purchase orders, request quotes, handle incoming packages and update information on arriving items.

You can also find this feature in Magento Purchase Order Extension.

Highlighted Features:

  • Purchase order generations
  • Supplier management
  • Incoming product management
  • Incoming shipment management


To end-up this article, we’d to inform that purchase order that will make transactions more simple and easier for both sides customers and suppliers.

Customers should use a purchase order to ensure all their requirements will meet the suppliers.

There are the above details about some kinds of Magento 2 Purchase Order Extension and Magento Purchase Order Extension that might give you some attention.

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