//Mageplaza One Step Checkout – Good Tool for Checkout Process

Mageplaza One Step Checkout – Good Tool for Checkout Process

Mageplaza One Step Checkout is one of the top solutions when it comes to improving Magento 2 checkout in the e-commerce market nowadays.

As checkout is the process customers make their final decision to pay orders from online stores.

 As a result, store owners need to update their payment methods to make customers satisfied.

You want to use this extension but don’t know how? 

Don’t worry about it as in this article, we will give your instructions about:

  • The definition of one step checkout
  • The reason why Magento 2 One Step Checkout  is highly recommended
  • The complete user guide

What Is Mageplaza One Step Checkout?


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Mageplaza One Step Checkout, so-called Mageplaza One Step Checkout for Magento 2, helps reduce abandonment rate, as well as boosts conversation rate significantly.

As a result, your customers do not need to go back and forth to apply their information or change any incorrect filed as you can see them displayed beautifully and clearly on only one page.

Basic features:

  • Responsive design & multiple layouts: 

This feature ensures that your site will auto-fit every device such as a mobile, tablet. PC.

In addition, the extension supports various configurations, layouts, and designs for different store views and stores.

  • Order review:

Online store owners can redirect customers to the checkout page immediately after adding a product to the cart.

Moreover, customers can be supported by a thumbnail image on order review with detailed information being provided.

  • Extra add-ons on the checkout page:

With this extension, you can add gift messages and comments to orders and sign up for the newsletter option without difficulty.

Another point is that the gift wrap option and Ajax popup “ Terms and conditions” checkout are supported.

Why Is Mageplaze One Step Checkout Needed?

In this section, we will show you the many functions of this extension which bring huge benefits to develop your online store.

Address suggestion


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There are two parts to this feature, one is auto-suggestion powered by Google and the other is the “Find me” function.

Accordingly, Google will show you all address suggestions when your customers fill some characters.

Then, you will save a lot of time as you need to choose an address constantly without entering whole addresses.

The second additional function detects a customer’s position automatically and fast only by a click and auto-fills the addresses on the box.

This can make customers gain shopping experience dramatically. 

Optimized checkout page


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Since customers want to reduce the time they spend shopping, the checkout process needs simplifying to enhance the customer’s experience.  

This extension helps the checkout interface be more friendly by showing all information on one page and removing unnecessary fields.

Payment methods


Nowadays, there are a variety of payment methods in e-commerce markets and each customer has his own way to pay.

If you are a smart owner of an online shop, you need mageplaza one step checkout magento 2.

It consists of nearly 100% payment methods being compatible with the checkout such as credit card, Paypal, Paypal pro. Sagepay, Stripe, Bitcoin, 2 Checkout, and more.

Easy customization


One-step Checkout for Magento 2 developed by Mageplaze is 100% open-source code. 

The owner can change the specific appearance of a checkout page easily from the admin configuration like display color or checkout layout.

Apart from the well-document code,  it is simpler to customize with the settings containing comments and the great auxiliary guidance notes.

Recovered abandoned carts 


You can send emails to customers automatically which can help them remember about their abandoned carts and offer them a discount.

Moreover, the store owner can keep track of figures like abandoned and recovery rate or sent error.

Trust badges


The checkout page is one of the most important places to add the security of a trust badge.

Customers are so worried about payment security and this causes 15% of digital carts abandoned.

With this extension, you can eliminate cart abandoned security issues and these small trust marks helps to build customers’ satisfaction.

As a result, it will increase conversation rates, boost sales, and revenues from existing traffic. 

Furthermore, secured payment methods are always accessible when a seal static block can be shown under the Place order button.

Advanced quick cart 


With the quick cart, customers can quickly see all cart information, apply coupon code, and go to checkout conveniently.

In addition, it also makes layouts customized and brings a user-friendly mini cart and drive more conversations for online shops.

The quick cart can also be displayed at a fixed position even when customers scroll the page up and down and this helps to review their shopping cart at any time.

How to Use Mageplaza One Step Checkout Effectively?

After adding suitable products to the cart, the customers will be navigated to the checkout page.

The checkout page is shown with six steps and a one-step checkout will be done on one page only by completing information and selecting options.

1. Log in / sign up


The checkout process will be easy with customers’ existing information by a click on a blue link “ Already have an account, click here to login ”.

Then a pop-up box will appear to allow buyers to fill their accounts as  below:

Otherwise, buyers are able to purchase without registering an account.

Moreover, buyers can create a new account at the same time when selecting the box Create Account:

2. Shipping address 


In this section, customers enter their personal information into the required fields.

In the box Street Address, One Step Checkout helps to display a list of addresses suggested automatically only by typing only one letter. 

Furthermore, Country, City, and State/Province will be consequently auto-updated based on the selected street address.

3. Billing address 


Buyers can tick the box my billing and shipping address are the same to have their item(s) delivered to their billing address. 

Otherwise, the billing address section allows buyers to fill in their information to check out to ensure they have the correct address.

4. Shipping methods 


The shipping method will be variable to meet customers’ requirements relying on the configuration in the backend.

Admin can add more other shipping methods on the backend via the command:

Sale => Shipping Method

In addition, buyers can choose a suitable time to receive their items at Delivery time.

Another point is that purchasers can leave their comments about the orders, products in the Comments fields.

5. Payment method


Customers can quickly select their favorite way to page by a single click.

To add more payment methods, admin can use Sale => Payment methods 

6. Order review and place order 


In the order review section, one step checkout allows buyers to adjust their items’ quantity by using a minus/ plus button easily.

Moreover, it also gives permission to edit each item.

Furthermore, a pop-up box will display terms and conditions and click I agree with terms and conditions if you accept.

Eventually, click the place order button to finish the one-step checkout completely on one page only.

Wrapping up 

This is the end of the article, we hope that you have a better understanding of this extension.

Let’s use mageplaza one step checkout Magento 2 immediately to improve your online business.

Magexts are sure that you will gain more than you lose.